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I love saving on my supermarke­t bill and after spotting a tin of Heinz Baked Beans for a whopping £1.45, I’ve been on a mission to taste test cheaper brands this month. Plus why I’m going into the baby section of Primark and on my soapbox about Boots!

Sue’s great baked bean taste test!

I reckon baked beans are an essential in most of our kitchen cupboards. For me, long gone are the days when pasta, beans, and cheese was my staple diet as a backpacker – now I pop them on potato waffles or toast, add them to a chilli, or eat them topped with grated cheese for a quick snack.

You can save nearly £1 a time swapping Heinz for supermarke­t versions so here’s the results of my taste test and who wins in the battle of the beans!

Whose beans are best?

All the supermarke­ts sell their own baked beans in tomato sauce for around 40p a tin. Size wise they’re about 400-420g so practicall­y the same size as Heinz with 415g. Tesco was second but Morrisons came out tops. The sauce looked rich and glossy, beans were tasty and plenty of them. And my usual all time favourite Heinz tasted too sweet in comparison, and I still preferred the Morrisons version!

Leave it on the shelf

This would have to be Co-op beans. On opening the tin, all I could see was a layer of orange liquid which looked very runny compared to the other brands.

Once cooked the sauce was still too runny and the beans weren’t soft – in fact I’d say a bit on the chewy side. All in all, a ver y bland version of baked beans. So let’s just say I won’t be rushing to buy these again.

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