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10 Which 1984 film stars Daryl Hannah as a mermaid? (6)

11 Which star sign is between Leo and Libra? (5) 12 What was the system of weights and measures in use before the decimal system? (8)

14 Which soft‑bodied crustacean lives in the empty shells of other molluscs such as whelks? (6,4) 16 Who was an ancient Greek author of fables? (5) 17 What is an unrestrict­ed golf tournament? (4) 18 Which islands off Cornwall include St Mary’s and St Martin’s? (8)

20 Which city, near the Pyramids, is the capital of Egypt? (5)

21 What is an invertebra­te with a three‑part body? (6)

23 What was the name of Elvis Costello’s backing group in the late 1970s? (11)

27 Which word describes a collection of wild animals in captivity? (9)

29 What name connects a large silky‑haired hound with a 1970s sheepskin coat? (6)

31 What is a wild ass of central Asia? (6)

33 King’s Lynn is located in which English county? (7)

36 Leipzig and Dortmund are cities in which country? (7)

39 What is a woodworker’s shaping tool? (6)

40 Which Black Sea peninsula was the location of a 19th‑century war? (6)

42 Which word means with eight sides and eight angles? (9)

45 What is an ion‑containing substance found in batteries? (11)

49 What is a forested area of Essex, on the Tube’s Central Line? (6)

50 What was the nationalit­y of WWI spy Mata Hari? (5)

52 Which phrase describes being held in custody awaiting trial? (2,6)

53 What name is given to the traditiona­l wooden shoe worn in the Netherland­s? (4) 55 What name is given to the Scandinavi­an language group? (5)

56 What is a weightlift­ing exercise involving lying on a long seat? (5,5)

60 In phonetics, what do you do when you pronounce the letter h? (8)

61 Which French word is used to denote striking effect or showy splendour? (5) 62 Which is India’s most sacred river? (6)


1 In boxing, what is a swinging blow to an opponent’s chin? (8)

2 Which Sunday precedes Easter by a week? (4)

3 What name is given to the seventh Sunday after Easter? (4)

4 What is a period of six balls in cricket? (4) 5 What is the official language of Qatar? (6)

6 What is the first name of CS Forester’s fictional hero, Hornblower? (7)

7 What is a flat rock on which tools are sharpened? (8)

8 Which was the first James Bond film? (2,2)

9 Which bird is also known as the wood grouse? (12)

13 Which hot powdered spice is made from ground sweet peppers? (7)

15 What completes the title Falcon ___, the 1980s soap that starred Jane Wyman? (5)

19 Which coniferous tree sheds its needle‑like leaves? (5)

22 Which river gives its name to

Sheffield? (5)

24 What name is given to a clerical dignitary attached to a cathedral? (5) 25 Which metal is produced in a blast furnace? (4)

26 Which lough of Northern Ireland is the largest freshwater lake of the British Isles? (5)

28 What completes the term ___ sequitur, for a remark that does not logically follow? (3)

30 What is another name for shellac? (6,6)

32 What is an artist’s upright tripod called? (5)

34 What nickname is given to an

Academy Award? (5)

35 What was the first name of the 1963‑64 prime minister Douglas‑Home? (4)

37 Which is the major resort city of Florida? (5)

38 What is the female principle in Chinese philosophy, as opposed to yang? (3) 41 What is the principal religion of Indonesia? (5)

43 What is transparen­t thin material made of silk or synthetic fibre? (7)

44 What was the surname of Hans Christian, the Danish author of fairy tales including The Ugly Duckling ? (8) 46 What kind of ‘water’ is a popular mixer with gin? (5)

47 What is the metallic element, also called wolfram, used in old light bulb filaments? (8)

48 Which classic horse race is run at Doncaster? (2,5)

51 Which US astronomer devised a classifica­tion system for galaxies in the 1920s? (6)

54 What is the name of Barnaby’s raven in Barnaby Rudge ? (4)

57 What is the Western defence alliance founded in 1949? (inits)(4)

58 Which novelist wrote Les

Misérables ? (4)

59 Which film organisati­on used a large gong as its company logo? (4)

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