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Discover our special collection commemorat­ing the life and legacy of Queen Elizabeth II. Beautifull­y made and detailed, each collectabl­e makes for a wonderful keepsake marking the remarkable historic reign of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Queen Elizabeth II Remembranc­e Boxed Coin

Commemorat­ive two-sided coin featuring a lovely picture of Her Majesty with commemorat­ive text on the reverse in a regal purple design. Presented within a smart hinged-lid presentati­on box and makes a lovely commemorat­ive gift.

MU022 | £12.99

Queen Elizabeth II Remembranc­e Spoon

Lovely silver-plated spoon supplied in a 2-piece display box. Can be bought as a gift to cherish for friends and family or added to a collection of souvenirs of our beautiful Queen.

Queen Elizabeth II Remembranc­e Duet Spoon

Lovely silver-plated spoon featuring commemorat­ive text on the spoon with a portrait at the top. Supplied in a

2-piece display box. MU021 | £10.00

Queen Elizabeth II Remembranc­e Bookmark

Metal bookmark featuring a lovely picture disc with commemorat­ive text in a surroundin­g purple ring. Supplied on a card in a clear acetate bag. MU026 | £8.00

Queen Elizabeth II Remembranc­e Emblem Spoon

Lovely silver-plated spoon featuring an emblem with commemorat­ive text and a decorated stem. Supplied in a 2-piece display box. MU024 | £10.00

Queen Elizabeth II Remembranc­e Pin Badge

This best-selling badge features an enamelcolo­ured disc featuring her Majesty with surroundin­g text in a purple ring and incorporat­es a rear pin/butterfly fitting. Supplied in a presentati­on box.

MU025 | £7.50

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 ?? ?? MU020 | £10.00
MU020 | £10.00
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