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Here is a practice you can do for a few minutes to expand your awareness into the periphery and discover what’s important to manifest.

Be still. Stop doing what you are doing and just simply close your eyes and breathe. When you are still, your body relaxes, and your breath deepens.

Let your awareness open. If you don’t focus on anything in particular, you will notice how your awareness shifts and expands by itself.

Now allow your awareness to expand to take in what is happening in the periphery. Become aware of your surroundin­gs. Notice the sounds and smells and subtle changes in light even with your eyes closed.

It’s as if you are leaving the narrow focus of the small screen you were focusing on and seeing that there is infinite space around you.

Return your attention to your body. Imagine opening your head up and letting in the universal light so it floods your body with light.

Allow this light to flow into the room or place you are in. Expand your awareness and notice the light filling up the country you live in, then beyond this the whole world opens out in front of you filling with light.

Beyond this, the sun, moon, stars and the whole expanse of the universe fill with light. Notice all the possibilit­ies which exist in the world. You haven’t paid attention before because you were too busy paying attention to other things.

What do you really desire more than anything? Allow any thoughts to come gently to you.

Now bring all that light from every corner of the universe back into your body and into your heart. Open your eyes.

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