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10 Which cartoon character is associated with Bluto and Olive Oyl? (6)

11 What was the first name of Frida Kahlo’s artist husband? (5)

12 Which nasal passages are separated by the septum? (8)

14 On which Biblical peak did Moses receive the Ten Commandmen­ts? (5,5) 16 Which ornamental item might be worn by the Queen on a formal occasion? (5) 17 What type of soil has a pH value of less than 7? (4)

18 Which knitted woollen jacket was named after an earl? (8)

20 Where in the body is the talus bone located? (5)

21 In the cartoons and films, who is

Scooby Doo’s closest human friend? (6) 23 What is a large amusement park in Staffordsh­ire? (5,6)

27 What is a person trained in emergency first aid called? (9)

29 Which unit of electrical current is named after a French physicist? (6)

31 What are insects in their final stage of developmen­t? (6)

33 What is the capital of Venezuela? (7) 36 Grave, acute and circumflex are examples of what? (7)

39 The patron saint of animals, St Francis, was born in which Italian town? (6)

40 Which sap-sucking insects are eaten by ladybirds? (6)

42 Which US state, nicknamed ‘the Pelican State,’ has Baton Rouge as its capital? (9)

45 What is the name of the small archipelag­o at the entrance to Galway Bay? (4,7)

49 Who was the Barber of Seville in Beaumarcha­is’ play? (6)

50 What is the fourth letter of the Greek alphabet? (5)

52 Which rope is attached to the top of a mast? (8)

53 What is the name of Israel’s national airline? (2,2)

55 What is the last letter of the Greek alphabet? (5)

56 Which dessert is named after an opera singer? (5,5)

60 What word describes extremely fine porcelain, or a casing from which chicks hatch? (8) 61 Which Berkshire ‘Royal’ racing occasion is noted for its hats and horses? (5)

62 What is the first name of Clueless actress

Ms Silverston­e? (6)


1 Which overhead train system runs on one track? (8)

2 What is a university official or the head of a cathedral chapter? (4)

3 What is the name of Postman Pat’s black and white cat? (4)

4 Who is the Norse god of war and poetry? (4)

5 What is the rear inner surface of the eye called? (6)

6 What was the name of the craft used by Thor Heyerdahl for his 1947 Pacific expedition? (3-4)

7 What phrase describes a court case held behind closed doors? (2,6) 8 What completes the name ___ Minor, the Little Bear constellat­ion? (4)

9 What is a small, tropical, gliding Asian reptile of the genus

Draco? (6,6)

13 Which Welsh ‘City’ football team play at the Liberty Stadium? (7)

15 Boise is the capital of which US state? (5)

19 What is a male honey-bee called? (5)

22 What was the chief wolf’s name in Kipling’s The Jungle Books ? (5) 24 Which 16th-century Council initiated the Counter-Reformatio­n? (5)

25 What name was given to an 18th-century politician opposed to the king? (4)

26 What are quantities of 500 sheets of paper known as? (5)

28 Which actress Patricia appeared in the 1945 film The Wicked Lady ? (3) 30 Which branch of science studies viruses, bacteria etc? (12)

32 Which willow is used in basket-weaving? (5)

34 Which people are inhabitant­s of the Middle East and North Africa? (5) 35 What sort of animal is Aslan in CS Lewis’ Narnia tales? (4)

37 What is the first name of Miss Doolittle, the heroine of George Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion ? (5) 38 What kind of town is Bath or Harrogate? (3)

41 What is the common name for the obverse of a coin? (5)

43 What is an alternativ­e form of an element called? (7)

44 Which Australian bushranger was hanged in 1880? (3,5)

46 What was the first name of Shaft theme music composer Hayes? (5) 47 Which Scottish whisky liqueur is sweetened with honey? (8)

48 What kind of annual calendar contains important dates and statistica­l informatio­n? (7)

51 Which llama-like animal is prized for its wool? (6)

54 What is the name of the saxophone-playing member of TV’s Simpson family? (4)

57 What is a sparkling wine made in the Piedmont region of Italy? (4) 58 What is the greyish-white frost that forms on vegetation? (4)

59 What was there ‘under the Sun’ in a 1982 Poirot film? (4)

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