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SUE’S GUIDE TO Travel Insurance For A Staycation


If you’re taking a break in the UK you may think one thing you can save on is travel insurance.

One in six of us don’t pack travel insurance if we’re staying in the UK – but while medical cover isn’t a problem thanks to the NHS, you can leave l yourself wide open to losing your y holiday if you need to cancel due d to illness, or find yourself out of o pocket if you lose your camera, money m or phone.

Travel insurance isn’t just about medical m cover, although that’s the big bonus b of taking it when you go abroad, as you can easily rack up big bills for relatively minor problems in foreign hospitals.

Travel insurance covers lots of things including protecting your stuff, covering the cost of your trip if you need to cancel, and even the cost of onward travel if a missed ferry or delayed train means you miss the start of a pre-booked tour.

When it comes to your gadgets and all the stuff you carry with you, in most cases you’ll probably have a higher level of cover on your home policy. But this is providing you have taken out personal possession­s cover, as this can be an optional add-on.

If you’ve got cover on your home policy, this usually extends (subject to limits) to covering valuables you take beyond your front door, like your phone, tablet, jeweller y and the money in your purse. But if you don’t have this, then travel insurance will cover you.

 ??  ?? Get covered for cancellati­on and valuables
Get covered for cancellati­on and valuables

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