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Robson Green may play the approachab­le hero in Grantchest­er and dozens of other dramas, but in Age BeforeBeau­ty he’s embracing villainy. Robson plays Teddy, who, although married to beautician Leanne (Kelly Harrison), inter feres in the marriage of her sister Belle (Polly Walker) to his best mate Wesley (James Murray).

“I’ll say one word about Teddy – Iago,” says Robson, 53, referring to Shakespear­e’s bad guy who destroys the marriage of Othello and Desdemona.

“He tells his wife he loves her and that he loves her family, but does he?” continues Robson. “With him, I hope you realise why people do ver y reckless things to get what they want. He’s a likeable villain, I hope.”

Although Teddy and Wesley eventually come into conflict in Age BeforeBeau­ty, off-screen Robson and co-star James Murray discovered a common love of fly fishing. Keen angler Robson has presented numerous series on the sport. “People laugh about fishing, but it isn’t a hobby, it’s a passion,” says Robson with a smile. “Jim and I went fishing after the series and we’re going again in September. Our conversati­ons tend to be about river levels and fish stress!”

We’ve watched Robson age gracefully on our screens for the last three decades, and now he’s starring in a drama all about beautifica­tion, we ask Robson if he’d ever consider cosmetic enhancemen­ts.

“People who go under the knife end up looking like they’ve been shot out of a cannon!” he laughs. “Any treatments that have the words ‘cut’ and ‘puncture’ in them, avoid at any cost. Although I do have a ver y hair y back I have to take care of!”


 ??  ?? Robson is the villain
Robson is the villain

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