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“I just come and talk to the plants, re­ally – very im­por­tant to talk to them. They re­spond, I find.”

“I don’t see why politi­cians and oth­ers should think they have the mo­nop­oly on wisdom.”

“I’m not very good at be­ing a per form­ing monkey… I’m not pre­pared to per form when­ever they want me to per form.”

“My prob­lem is that I be­come car­ried away by en­thu­si­asm to try and im­prove things. I find there are too many things that need do­ing or bat­tling on be­half of – just the num­ber of things that are un­der threat all the time.”

“There’s noth­ing like a jolly good dis­as­ter to get peo­ple to start do­ing some­thing.”

“I be­lieve pas­sion­ately that ev­ery­one has a par­tic­u­lar God-given abil­ity.”

“Noth­ing has the same mean­ing and soul-re­fresh­ing qual­ity that Bal­moral can pro­vide…”

“Peo­ple don’t al­ways un­der­stand the con­cept of duty.”

“As long as I do not take my­self too se­ri­ously I should not be too badly off.”

“Some­thing as cu­ri­ous as the monar­chy won’t sur­vive un­less you take ac­count of peo­ple’s at­ti­tudes. Af­ter all, if peo­ple don’t want it, they won’t have it.”

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