Giv­ing Hope For The Fu­ture

Mary’s Meals has lifted two broth­ers from near star­va­tion to aca­demic achieve­ment

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Help­ing Hand Ap­peal 2018

We first met twins An­thony and Ag­grey, who live in the El­doret re­gion of Kenya, in 2017. The boys lived alone, in a sin­gle­room house, af­ter their mum had to travel to Su­dan to get work. They haven’t seen her face-to-face since 2015.

Fend­ing for them­selves, the boys sell fruit and veg­eta­bles to make ends meet, but life is tough and some­times they can barely feed them­selves.

Liv­ing in an area that is rife with eco­nomic depri­va­tion, sup­port was hard to come by. Al­though their mum tried to send money home, it was dif­fi­cult, as find­ing trusted meth­ods of trans­port­ing the small amounts of cash was hard.

Speak­ing at the time, the boys said they were sad not to see their mum, but they un­der­stood why she had to go. In Kenya, peo­ple of­ten have to go to ex­treme lengths to gain work, and long pe­ri­ods away from home are not un­usual. Their sad­ness over not hav­ing a mum nearby was mixed with prag­ma­tism, and understanding that she had very lit­tle choice in the mat­ter.

It meant ev­ery day was a strug­gle. Be­fore Mary’s Meals came along, the boys would spend their morn­ings work­ing in their gar­den patch, but then with no food to make lunch, their en­ergy lev­els would be low and they would strug­gle to do any­thing else. The gar­den is their pride and joy, as well as a source of food and in­come, so ev­ery minute they had was de­voted to work­ing there.

Al­though that ded­i­ca­tion did help them to eat a lit­tle and make a mea­gre sum of money, there were also neg­a­tives.

It made them a tar­get for thieves, who would steal the crops for them­selves. Be­ing ex­hausted with so lit­tle to eat, the boys sim­ply couldn’t stay awake to keep an eye on the gar­den dur­ing the night. Life was hard and there wasn’t much hope to come by.

Thieves tar­geted the gar­den as the boys were too tired to stay awake

Work­ing hard in the gar­den The broth­ers are now ex­celling at school

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