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The World’s heav­i­est leek was grown last year by Paul Rochester and weighed 10.7kg.

◆ The av­er­age age of a first time mother in the UK is 31.

◆ More peo­ple live in York­shire than Scot­land.

◆ The taste of Pear Drops comes from the ar­ti­fi­cial flavour isoamyl ac­etate.

◆ 290 mil­lion litres of milk is thrown away in the UK each year – imag­ine how many cups of tea that would make!

◆ Gangnamstyle, by South Korean rap­per Psy, was the first song to be viewed a bil­lion times on youtube.

WOW! Bri­tons bought 311 mil­lion pairs of knick­ers last year.

◆ A Dan­ish study of mar­riage records found that li­brar­i­ans and farm­ers were the pro­fes­sions least likely to divorce.

◆ Scot­tish trains were de­layed by a yacht on the line in 2015.

◆ The high­est pos­si­ble break in snooker is 147.

◆ North­ern Ire­land has the Uk’s high­est per­cent­age of dog own­ers (40%) com­pared to 14% in the East of Eng­land and 10% in Lon­don.

◆ A clep­sy­dra was an early form of clock based on flow­ing water.

◆ Aztec women beau­ti­fied them­selves with a skin cream made of chilli pow­der.

◆ St An­thony of Padua is the pa­tron saint of lost things.

◆ Two bil­lion ready meals were bought in Bri­tain last year, with the av­er­age per­son eat­ing one a week.

◆ Richard III was the last English king killed in bat­tle.

◆ Wedge shoes were in­vented by Sal­va­tore Fer­rag­amo in the 1940s, due to a lack of steel to make tra­di­tional heels.

◆ A Dutch­man called Ceis­jan van Heer­den won a Welsh book­shop in a raf­fle last year.

◆ Sweet­corn leaves were used as chew­ing gum by Na­tive Amer­i­cans.


New Yo rk wa­so­rig­i­nally called New Am­s­ter­dam

The Ata­cama Desert in Chile is the dri­est place on earth

Paul ‘Tiny’ Sturgess is Bri­tain’s tallest­man at 7ft 7in

In­stant cof­fee was first seen in Eng­land ini 1771

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