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1 Th e Hushme – Ever had to take a re­ally pri­vate phone call in pub­lic? Well, now you can do so in the pri­vacy of your own noise-can­celling mouth-mask. Sur­pris­ingly this de­vice didn’t quite bbreak the mar­ket… 2 Clo ocky Alarm Clock on Wheels – Good luck not get­ting out of bed when your alarm goes off f. This cute lit­tle gad­get starts ring­ing and then wheels all over your room un­til you get up and caatch it and turn it off. 3 Ele ec­tric roller skates – The Ninebot Seg­way Bal­ance Wheels are like two tiny Seg­way bo oards that move in­de­pen­dently de­pen nd­ing on your bal­ance… so a nightm mare re­ally! 4 An nki Vec­tor Ro­bot Side­kick – This litt tle com­pan­ion ro­bot has a charm ming per­son­al­ity and a cute face. Thoug gh it’s not re­ally got any­thing on the fu­unc­tion­al­ity of Alexa, Anki an­swers your r ques­tions in an adorable ro­bot voic ce, re­acts to your touch, and pla ays games.

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