Jump Start Your Jan­uary Boost your en­ergy lev­els

If your get-up-and-go seems to have got up and gone, try these sim­ple steps to get you fir­ing on all cylin­ders!

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Sleep With Your Cur­tains Open p

Nat­u­ral da ylight slows down the pro­duc­tionp of the sleep hor­moneh mela­tonin and bumps up adren­a­line e, sig­nalling to the brain t o wake up. When the alarma goes off, awake you’ll be inst al lready­halftead of be­ing left with th hat groggy, lethar­gic fe eel­ing that can last for hou urs. If you need to get up be­foreb the sun comes up in­vesti in a dawn simu ula­tor wake-up light (from m £59.95, WWW.LUMIE.CO OM).

Check Emails When You Start Work And At Lunchtime

… so says in­ter­net psy­chol­o­gist Gra­ham Jones ( www.gra­hamjones.co.uk). “Two mil­lion emails are sent ev­ery minute in the UK and we spend up to half of our work­ing lives trawl­ing through our in­box, which leaves us tired, frus­trated and un­pro­duc­tive,” Gra­ham ex­plains. “Move the emails you need to deal with to a sep­a­rate Ac­tion folder and set a time to deal with them – then get ruth­less and sim­ply delete the rest.” Bold ad­vice in­deed!

Have An Egg For Break­fast

It’s a great source of en­ergy-boost­ing pro­tein and, stud­ies show, is far bet­ter at keep­ing hunger pangs at bay than a carb-rich break­fast con­tain­ing the same num­ber of calo­ries. Need warm­ing up? Have por­ridge in­stead. Use jumbo oats (not in­stant) with co­conut or al­mond milk (eas­ier to digest than dairy) and add berries and sul­tanas for nat­u­ral sweet­ness. This high-fi­bre, low-gly­caemic in­dex, nu­tri­ent-rich brekkie will kick-start your me­tab­o­lism and bal­ance blood sugar lev­els for max­i­mum en­ergy.

Drink Wa­teer

… not en­ergy drinnks. Just a 2% drop in the body’s wa­ter con­tent can leave you slug­gishh. While sug­ary en­ergy drinks boost en­ergy short-term, sci­en­tists at the SleepS Re­search Cen­tre at Lough­bor­ough Univer­sity foundd that, an hour later, testers had slower re­ac­tions and lapsses in con­cen­tra­tion. If your eye­lids are droop­ing, putting a ccold flan­nel over your face and neck in the ladies will temm­porar­ily ac­ti­vate your body’s fight-or-flight reaction!

Aim For A 2:1 Pro­tein/Carb Ra­tio At Lunchtime

Too many mid­day carbs cause blood sugar lev­els to dip around two hours later, warns nu­tri­tion­ist Anita Bean ( HTTPS://ANITABEAN.CO.UK). And get out­side! Univer­sity of Rochester sci­en­tists found that 20 min­utes out­doors boosts phys­i­cal and men­tal en­ergy, while even a brisk 10-minute walk can boost en­ergy lev­els for up to two hours. The body chem­i­cals adren­a­line, sero­tonin and dopamine, re­leased dur­ing ex­er­cise, give a nat­u­ral en­ergy boost.

For­get The Evening Glass Of Vino

Even one can make you feel slightly lethar­gic the next day, warns sleep ex­pert Dr Neil Stan­ley. And your liver could prob­a­bly do with a rest af­ter Christ­mas! Have a few days off and see if you no­tice a dif­fer­ence. Have a hot, milky drink in­stead. This will aid rest­ful slum­ber – giv­ing you a head start on the en­ergy front for the next day.

Strike A Pose

Cor­rect­ing your pos­ture can help you get more oxy­gen into your body,” ex­plains per­sonal trainer Anna Ferguson. “Sit tall in your chair as if you have a string com­ing from the top of your head down to your tail­bone, with your stom­ach mus­cles pulled in and ribcage lifted. Breathe down into your ribcage to al­low for a full in­take of oxy­gen, and keep your legs un­crossed for good cir­cu­la­tion.”

Don’t Lie In Bed Wor­ry­ing

Change the things you can con­trol and let the rest go, say ex­perts. To help, prac­tise the 4-7-8 tech­nique, sug­gests life coach Stephanie Varda ( www.svardal­ife­coach.com): “Breathe in through your nose for 4 sec­onds, hold for 7 then re­lease the breath through your mouth for 8.”

Open A Win­dow!

Car­bon diox­ide from other peo­ple’s breath can build up in an of­fice by mid-af­ter­noon, and stud­ies show, that this trig­gers fa­tigue. And keep a plant on your desk, say re­searchers at Wash­ing­ton State Univer­sity. In tri­als, work­ers who did so felt 10% more at­ten­tive in just one day. Fi­nally, choose de­caf cof­fee in the af­ter­noon. While caf­feine can act as a stim­u­lant, if you overindulge you’ll feel drained.


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