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The newstalgia trend incorporat­es your favourite retro pieces into a contempora­ry style, giving the best of both worlds


It’s not surprising that these tempestuou­s times make us long for the comfort and reassuranc­e of the past and that’s currently reflected in interior design. It’s all about taking elements from the past and giving them a modern twist, mixing the old with the current – a trend design brand Hovia daubed “newstalgia”. According to Hovia’s experts, “Newstalgia sees people incorporat­ing retro pieces that they love into their modernstyl­e home. The warmth of nostalgic decor pieces and the stylishnes­s of contempora­ry elements, combined.”

Although this new-look retro takes inspiratio­n from past decades, with a particular­ly strong influence from the 70s, there’s no need to stick slavishly to a style. The whole point of this trend is to take the favourite pieces that you like from the past and make them work with your existing modern décor. This could involve bringing in bright floral and geometric patterns in wallpaper, such as Hovia’s “new retro” collection which includes a mix of large-scale mural designs and repeat wallpaper patterns in cheerful pinks, oranges, mustards and blues (see HOVIA.COM), or investing in a curvy modular sofa or statement chair. An earthy colour palette makes this a cosy look you can punctuate with large leafy plants, area rugs and art prints featuring retro designs to add to the nostalgic mood.

“More so than ever, the trend to embrace pattern, texture and colour will dominate the 2023 interiors world with a harmonious blend of maximalist and minimalist,” explain Iain Pritchard and Glenn Thomas of Alexander Thomas Interiors. “We expect to see homes embellishe­d with elements from both styles to combine a more balanced approach to interiors. In terms of colour schemes, warm earthy tones of dirty oranges, deeper yellows, mossy greens, and browns will play a big part in the latest trends for this year. Being brave and mixing vibrant, colourful patterns is certainly the future of where interior design is heading.

The “newstalgia” trend is about investing in pieces to cherish rather than constantly buying new. “Upcycling and repurposin­g will also play a role, meaning antiques and vintage finds will become prominent, even in those more contempora­ry spaces,” add Iain and Glenn.

Interiors Expert Dilly Orme says, “Make a contempora­ry classic!”

Take traditiona­l items, such as a striped crochet blanket, and give them a modern twist by producing them in bright colours and adding pom poms. Why not invest in a beginner’s kit to learn crochet – Pom Pom and Stripe Crochet Blanket Kit, £65, SOLIDANDMA­RL.COM includes everything you need. Or add pom poms to existing items. Trace out two circles on a piece of cardboard. The size of your circle is the size of your pompom. Cut the circles out then draw smaller circles within them, then cut out the little circle. Put the circles together then cut a snip through them. Hold the two circles together and thread the wool through the snip, then evenly wrap the wool around the sides of the circle. Continue to wrap until the circle in the middle is filled in. Use scissors to cut the wool between the two circles. Cut a length of wool and tie a tight knot around the middle of the pompom on both sides. Remove the cardboard and trim the pompom to make it round and even and fluffy.

 ?? ?? £69, LIMELACE.COO.UK
 ?? ?? Bauhaus Geometric Wallpaper £69, BOBBIBECK.COM
Bauhaus Geometric Wallpaper £69, BOBBIBECK.COM
 ?? ?? Headboard from £169, Bedside Table £129, Rug £20-£399, Dunelm
Headboard from £169, Bedside Table £129, Rug £20-£399, Dunelm
 ?? ?? £33, John Lewis
£33, John Lewis
 ?? ?? £406, MINDTHEG.COM
 ?? ?? Elements Sideboard £449, Dunelm
Elements Sideboard £449, Dunelm
 ?? ?? £299, Dunelm
£299, Dunelm
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