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How often have you said, “I need a holiday!” heading to the sun for two weeks, returning restored with all your woes gone like magic? But the truth is, “quick fix” breaks don’t actually fix anything. You merely take your problems with you and return with them – plus, you’re poorer and have a load of dirty washing!

However, a bucket list holiday is a whole new ball game because you’re doing something unforgetta­ble that you’ll talk about for the rest of your life. Maybe you have a list? So what’s stopping you? Is it finances, or because you’re on your own, or are you scared?

While writing to you I’ve just Googled “Travelling Companion” and found a whole host of reputable websites including Silver Surfers who match people up, those with money and maybe a slight disability who want to travel and are happy to pay for a companion. If you’re going it alone there are companies who specialise in putting groups of single travellers together.

Anything is possible if you really want to do it!


I’m going to delve now into my little black book of adventures. Some were over 20 years ago (just saying it has frightened me!) but the experience­s were so positive that I’ll never forget them – they even changed my view of the world.

The point of an adventure is to take yourself into a different space. The one I recommend to newbie adventurer­s or solo travellers is an African Safari. There are many different types, from animal to landscape, and there’s nothing like an African sunset.

It also ticks the box if you’ve decided to take a young family member along because the worry of what to do if they get bored completely disappears – you cannot get bored in Africa!

My only caveat is that unless you are a seasoned traveller don’t go “off-piste”. Place yourself in the hands of a company who are experts. Research and preparatio­n are everything, so be sure to do yours, it’s part of the fun.

Learn about the country you’re visiting, its history, and why, when you arrive, you’ll have a strange feeling of familiarit­y, of belonging, of understand­ing and a compulsion to return.

Don’t forget though there are adventures on our own shores. I have my eyes on the Three Peaks Challenge, Hadrian’s Wall and the Orkneys. Anyone fancy it?

Love, Anthea X

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