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The hope ofa brighter future

Oona’s life – and future – was saved by a kidney transplant at Leeds Children’s Hospital. You can help fund live-saving equipment for children like her


Oona’s mum, Rachel, has lived through every parent’s worst nightmare. In a routine pregnancy scan, she was told her unborn daughter’s kidneys would fail. That she wouldn’t live longer than a few days.

Thinking back, Rachel says, “It was like the world we were trying to create was ending before it could start.” After the birth, the family went to the local children’s hospice to spend every precious moment they could with Oona.

But then, on day five, Rachel recalls a sudden, wonderful glimmer of hope: “Oona had a massive wee – out of the blue!”.

Her kidneys were showing signs of improvemen­t; she was too small for dialysis, but with each day that passed there were signs she’d survive – with the help of a transplant.

At just two years old, Oona was finally big enough for this transplant. The safe hands of

Dr Masood, a leading surgeon at Leeds Children’s Hospital, skilfully transferre­d a kidney from Oona’s dad to Oona. A remarkable procedure that saved this little one’s life.

Kind people who leave gifts in their Wills make a huge difference to what Leeds Hospitals can provide patients. Leeds Hospitals Charity enhances the care and support that the local NHS service offers.

This generosity supports teams to take part in the British Transplant Games – and pay for cutting-edge equipment for doctors, nurses and care teams – equipment like telestrati­on platforms that allow experience­d surgeons like Dr Masood to assist other specialist clinicians in complex surgeries. And it helps to provide fun resources like a basketball hoop for children like Oona on the Renal ward.

By pledging a gift in your

Will to Leeds Hospitals Charity today, you can help save little lives like Oona’s. Visit the website or scan the QR code to download your free guide.

“It was like the world we were trying to create was ending before it could start”

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