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Also known as Little Bleat, this dainty, soft, raw ewe’s milk cheese is made by Carrie Rimes of Cosyn Cymru dairy, in the foothills of Snowdonia. Aged for three to seven weeks, it has a delicate rind, while the bright white paste has a fresh, citrus tang and a long-lasting savoury finish.


This farmhouse cheddar is made at Holden Farm Dairy using organic raw milk from its own Ayrshire cows. Matured for at least 12 months, the deep yellow paste has a fudgy texture and, while it has an initial, pleasing tang, it mellows to an umami richness with a long finish. holdenfarm­


Made by Caws Teifi Cheese, Celtic Promise is an organic, raw cow’s milk cheese with an apricot-coloured rind. During production, it’s washed with cider twice a week for seven weeks, yielding a pungent cheese with a sticky rind and a moist, butter-yellow paste packed with flavour. teifichees­


Made by Caws Cenarth Cheese, this traditiona­l caerphilly gets its name from Thelma Adams, who co-founded the business. Made with organic cow’s milk, it’s crumbly with a lemony zing. As it matures, it softens under the rind, creating a pleasing contrast of textures. cawscenart­

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