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Pembrokesh­ire earlies (PGI)


Pembrokesh­ire, in west Wales, is known for its temperate climate. It’s why its sandy beaches and pretty seaside towns throng with visitors come summer, and it’s also why we get Pembrokesh­ire early potatoes. The mild winter and spring temperatur­es mixed with fresh, salty sea air means harsh frosts are less likely. This allows the spuds to be planted earlier, meaning they’re ready to harvest as early as May. The potatoes are small and have an earthy, sweet flavour and a light buttery texture when cooked, ideal for spring salads, roasting whole with grilled fish or as a heavenly side for early summer barbecues. And ideally, they should still be dusted with soil when you buy them raw, as it offers their delicate skins a little protection. WHERE TO FIND IT:

While you’ll find them in most major supermarke­ts come late spring, if you’re in Pembrokesh­ire, head to Trehill Farm, where they’re sold on the gate. While part of the National Trust, the farm has been in the capable hands of the Smithies family since the Sixties. trehillfar­

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