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Welsh rarebit


If you’re thinking cheese on toast, you’re only partly right. Rarebit or caws pobi (‘roasted cheese’) has its roots in medieval times, when hard cheese was melted in the heat of the open hearth before being spread onto hunks of bread. Fast forward a few centuries, and this rich, cheesy, creamy, gooey concoction is a favourite comfort food. Usually made from a roux mixed with dark ale or cider, Worcesters­hire sauce and mustard, as well as tangy potent Welsh cheddar, the rarebit sauce is slathered atop a lightly toasted doorstep of bread and popped under the grill until blissfully blistered and golden. WHERE TO FIND IT:

On menus from Cardiff to Caernarfon. Alternativ­ely, head to the Internatio­nal Welsh Rarebit Centre in Defynnog, near Brecon.

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