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Vale of Clwyd Denbigh plums (PDO)


As the only plum variety native to Wales, it’s perhaps unsurprisi­ng that the Denbigh plum enjoys Protected Designatio­n of Origin (PDO) status. That they’re able to grow here at all is testimony to the Vale of Clwyd’s naturally fertile soil and quirky microclima­te.

It’s not known exactly how far back the plum’s heritage stretches, but there are records of the fruit being grown here by monks as early as the 13th century. The fruit is a wonderful, deep red colour, verging on purple, depending on its ripeness. It can be eaten off the tree in August or allowed to ripen into September, when its juicy sweetness makes it ideal for cooking and baking.


Local markets, such as the

Celyn Farmers’ Market in Mold, as well as greengroce­rs in the Denbighshi­re region.

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