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Glamorgan sausages


Glamorgan sausages aren’t really sausages — in fact, they don’t contain any meat at all. Think of them more as a cheesy, veggie croquette made with breadcrumb­s and what would have traditiona­lly been Glamorgan cheese. Sadly, the population of Glamorgan cows has dwindled, leaving just a small herd at Margam Country Park, where there are plans to re-establish the breed. This means that even though these sausages bear the Glamorgan name, they’re mostly made with tangy caerphilly or cheddar cheese these days. They’re a favourite on vegetarian menus, as they can be easily adapted with flavours such as chilli, tarragon or sun-dried tomato.


Set your sat nav for the Vale of Glamorgan and snag a table at the Red Fox Inn to try its take on the crispy, golden sausage.

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