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Liselot Caura’s favourite bars


Liselot Caura is the founder of Beer Secret, a company offering guided beer tastings and brewery tours in and around Ghent, Bruges and Brussels.


This place used to be a library, but the basement pub now sells over 300 different beers. Trollekeld­er means ‘troll’s cave’, but the friendly staff are anything but troll-like and will help you navigate the menu. I sell my own beer, Crabbelaer, here! trollekeld­


A hidden gem, this cellar bar — decorated with old stone jugs and whisky bottles — is a great place to chill out. Owner Mario serves the best beers, and the bar has a lot of single malts. People on my tours always tell me what a special place it is. theglengar­


This relaxed bar has mismatched furniture and three areas, each with its own vibe: a dining space, a chill-out zone and a terrace. As well as beer, it serves greatvalue lunches and dinners.

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