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Nova Scotia

Nature photograph­er Adam Hill waxes lyrical about the Canadian province where he grew up


There aren’t many places as special as Nova Scotia; it’s where I grew up and formed life-long memories. It’s also home to the highest tides in the world, amazing seafood, some of the friendlies­t people you’ll ever meet and the incredible Cabot Trail. This is where you slow down, savour what’s around you and appreciate life a little bit more.

As a child growing up in rural Cape Breton Island, I was surrounded by family, farms, rivers, lakes, mountains and very few bigcity distractio­ns. Inspired by the beauty of hills and hidden streams, I began my journey as a photograph­er. With camera in hand, I discovered eagle nests, chased the light on mountains, watched loons raise their chicks and photograph­ed new waterfalls each week. Cape Breton and the whole of our scenic province is a playground for nature photograph­ers, with its array of seascapes, landscapes, skies and wildlife.

Like many east-coasters, it took leaving Nova Scotia to fully realise how special it is. During the nine years I lived in Canada’s Northwest Territorie­s, the pull to return home grew stronger. While I loved living in the north, I couldn’t wait to see my home and stand on its rugged coastline, watching eagles fly overhead and breathing in the salty air. Four years after my family and I moved home to Nova Scotia, I could never imagine my life anywhere else.

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 ?? ?? Photograph­er Adam Hill was born
and raised in Nova Scotia
Photograph­er Adam Hill was born and raised in Nova Scotia

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