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Monkey business


Your ‘Stay at Home’ piece on North Sta ordshire (October issue) caught my eye, not only because its lovely countrysid­e is just an hour from where I live in Cheshire, but for the mention of the 60acre monkey forest at Trentham Estate in StokeonTre­nt. It reminded me of when I lived in Gibraltar, where I became wellacquai­nted with Barbary macaques, so I took a keen interest in those living at Trentham’s Monkey Forest. Gibraltar’s monkeys rarely roam below the top of the Rock, though, and are much more interested in people than those at Trentham. The latter clearly haven’t yet learned how to steal chocolate from unwitting visitors — a marginally terrifying mistake I only made once when in Gibraltar. LISA BEST

 ?? ?? Wild Barbary macaque on
the Rock of Gibraltar
Wild Barbary macaque on the Rock of Gibraltar

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