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Welcome to NatureVolv­e issue 7



are pleased to share issue 7 with you; sharing the ideas of both scientists and creatives, to achieve our common goal in bridging science and art.

We will aim the lense on the coronaviru­s pandemic, science inspired crafts and marine conservati­on. Exploring how education and research adapted during the Covid-19 pandemic, researcher­s and creatives share their own stories from this year.

As institutio­ns have been forced to change in the face of the restrictio­ns imposed by the pandemic, our education platforms have changed. Online learning is becoming the new normal, so here, we share a new virtual learning concept.

Outside of work, households have faced their own unique challenges during lockdowns. Those living alone face a different set of obstacles, but there can be positives, as eloquently explained by The Living Well Alone project.

The pandemic has sped up the peer-review process for numerous medical journals, as coronaviru­s studies are going through a newly introduced process called ‘rapid peer-review’. We take a look at one of these rapidly published studies that reveals personal challenges faced by Covid-19 health workers. First, we dive into the discussion around the origin of Covid-19.

With a special marine conservati­on theme, we also have fascinatin­g facts to present about the nautilus and narwhals as they face a threat to their conservati­on.

Researcher­s and artists alike have immersed themselves in their craft during lockdowns this year. Here you can check out ‘brainy’ fiber art, vivid biology illustrati­ons, plus a dynamic dinosuar comic, where you can follow an enclosed worksheet to try your hand at paleoart!

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