Saving the nautilus - endangered beauty of the deep.



by two children passionate about protecting the enigmatic nautilus, the project Save the Nautilus has evolved through a decade to raise awareness of this beautiful creature that we do not often see in its natural habitat, but only on display.

The nautilus has been under threat for a time now due to commercial demand for their ornamental shells. In 2010, a study in Fisheries Research revealed catch population­s in the Philippine­s dropped by

80% since 1980, providing evidence for the chambered nautilus to be protected. Only two years ago, in 2018, the species was listed as endangered. Now, the nautilus needs our help more than ever in its conservati­on. This inspired the launch of the project Save the Nautilus a decade ago, to research and raise awareness of this beauty of the deep.

Top right: Nautilus pompilius and Allonautil­us scrobicula­tus, fuzzy nautilus, feeding on tuna bait during deep-sea surveys in Papua New Guinea in 2015.

Directly right: Nautilus pompilius being released after measuremen­ts in Panglao, Philippine­s in 2012.

Credit for both photos: Save the Nautilus (Gregory J. Barord and Peter D. Ward). All rights reserved.

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