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Tiffany Marcum is a self-taught artist from the Appalachia­n Mountains, who is also a writer for “Silly Linguistic­s” Magazine.

Her first experience as an artist was elementary school, nominated as “Student of the Week” and interviewe­d about career goals. When asked, Tiffany immediatel­y yelled, “ARTIST!” The last question was, “What do you do in your spare time?” Her reply: “Painting and watching Bob Ross,” as she also began creatively writing.

Tiffany studied Social Sciences, while also taking creative writing and art courses such as “Art for Education”, “Art Appreciati­on”, and “Art History”.

Here, she expanded her practice creating wax panels, mosaics, hand mixing colors, pop art comic panels, art for the classroom, and collage.

In 2004, she garnered editorial praise for an assignment in a college sociology course where she was encouraged by a teacher to become a writer in her career.

In 2006, Tiffany won the Billie and Curtis Owens Award in Fiction. Four years later, in 2010, she won the Friends of Weavervill­e Library Essay Contest.

In 2013, she took part in an employee art gallery, showing two original acrylic painting projects. More recently, in 2019, she was invited to a viewing at the Cynthia Corbett Gallery in Miami, Florida.

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