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Halldis Ringvold is a ma­rine bi­ol­o­gist, re­searcher and man­ager of Sea Snack Nor­way ( Re­search in­ter­est in­cludes heli­cos­alps, jel­ly­fish, as well as tax­on­omy and dis­tri­bu­tion on as­ter­oids and holothuroi­ds. With her col­leagues, she also re­cently dis­cov­ered that the hith­erto un­known, huge, float­ing gelati­nous spheres in Nor­we­gian waters, av­er­ag­ing 1m in di­am­e­ter, were the egg mass of squid Illex coin­de­tii. With the help of cit­i­zen sci­en­tists, the re­search team are hop­ing to re­veal the egg mass of other om­mas­trephid squids, which have yet to be dis­cov­ered, like To­dar­o­des sagit­ta­tus and To­darop­sis eblanae.

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