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‘I like younger men!’

Real Housewives Of Cheshire star Lauren Simon on divorce, celebrity crushes and setting fire to her wedding dress


Lauren Simon has finally come to the end of a five-year divorce battle with her ex-husband, Paul Simon, and the Real Housewives Of Cheshire star is ready for a fresh start.

When new catches up with Lauren, who has two daughters, Gigi and Kika, with Paul, she tells us she’s back on the dating scene.

“I joined a dating agency and did Zoom dating,” the 46-year-old confesses. “I like men who are a little bit younger!”

Here, the Cheshire icon fills us in on all the RHOCH gossip, her messy divorce and her surprising celebrity crush...

How have you been this last year, Lauren?

I’m really good! The divorce is finally over and I’m happy to be back filming.

Are you relieved the divorce has gone through?

I’m really relieved. It’s been a very stressful five years.

I thought, “Let’s do something flamboyant,

Lauren-style,” and set fire to my wedding dress! I actually wore it three times. We got married in a registry office in the

UK, then in Barbados and we had a big party at my parents house on Valentine’s Day so it was definitely time to say goodbye to the dress. Neither of my children wanted it – they said it was horrible – so I was quite happy. It was really emotional. All I could think about was my father and how he would never walk me down the aisle. It was awful and set me off crying. But I was more than happy to say goodbye to the wedding dress!

Why didn’t your daughters want the dress?

They’ve both got very good fashion sense and I think they are more boho chic.

How did you all cope during lockdown?

We’ve been quite fortunate because we’ve all been together. The lockdowns have been horrific for everybody but we’ve worked through most of the pandemic. At the beginning I did all the cooking Instagrams and then the second lockdown I joined a dating agency and did Zoom dating, which was so much fun. I met a matchmaker through that and brought them to the show.

Can you fill us in on what happens?

Lystra and I go on a dating journey. I really want to do

Celebs Go Dating, so I’m putting that to the universe. I want to go into the mansion with some fit footballer. Someone like Tom Zanetti!

Do you like Tom?

Oh he’s fit, yeah. Who doesn’t?

What kind of guy would it take to turn your head?

I like men who are a little bit younger. They need to go to the gym. They have to smell good, look good and be successful. I like intelligen­t men. They’ve got to be very generous and kind.

Do you find it hard to date being in the public eye?

Really hard! I seem to get these playboys who live in Marbella. It’s great fun and they’re a lot younger, but I think it’s time, now the divorce is over, to meet someone properly.

Are your kids proud of your success on RHOCH?

My eldest, who is 16, has always been very into drama and acting. She’s a cool hippy chick. But my little one, who is 13, is still the baby. She hates Instagram and doesn’t want anything to do with the show. They are very different personalit­ies. One loves it and one hates it.

Do you feel like the drama on the show has been better since coming back from lockdown?

Our show is based on drama and there’s been a lot of it this season. We’re like sisters and we argue like sisters. Considerin­g lockdown should have made us all kinder, I can’t tell you it has. I’m a lover not a fighter, so I try to keep the peace. How has RHOCH changed over the years?

Well, in my first series I wore a kaftan all season! I did my own make-up and hair and wore the most dreadful clothes. Now it’s very structured and I think we’re on par with the Beverley Hills one.

Will you stay on the show for years to come?

Yeah! I love the show and being with the girls. We have a lot of fun. It’s my social life, which sounds a bit sad, but they are my proper friends.

 ??  ?? The Real Housewives Of Cheshire is on Mondays, 9pm, ITVBE
The Real Housewives Of Cheshire is on Mondays, 9pm, ITVBE
 ??  ?? The Housewives, from left: Nicole, Rachel, Deborah, Tanya, Lystra, Lauren, Seema and Hanna
The Housewives, from left: Nicole, Rachel, Deborah, Tanya, Lystra, Lauren, Seema and Hanna

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