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On-off Made In Chelsea couple Yasmine Zweegers and Sam Prince are loved-up and even thinking of marriage as the E4 reality series returns


It’s been a rocky road to romance for Made In Chelsea’s sam Prince and Yasmine Zweegers, arguably the e4 show’s most chaotic couple over the past few series. However, the pair reveal they’re stronger than ever ahead of the new episodes and are even contemplat­ing marriage.

“i think our relationsh­ip has matured massively since [MIC ] sydney,” says sam, 26. “in sydney, we went through a time where we weren’t quite ready. But this time we’ve got it right. it’s the happiest i’ve ever been.”

sam and Yas first got together on MIC ’s Corsica series last year, shocking the other cast members with the revelation that they’d kissed just days before sam broke up with inga Valentiner, while Yas was dating Tristan Phipps.

But now, after explosive rows, several break-ups and flirtation­s with other cast members in the show’s sydney series, sam and Yas reveal they’re finally ready to commit to one another.

“i think we got with each other in such a turbulent time and we needed time to understand one another,” says Yas, 24. “We’ve grown up as people – it’s like a new relationsh­ip.”

as for what went wrong in the last three series of Made In Chelsea, the pair say it’s all about timing. “i probably wasn’t quite ready,” sam says. “i don’t think Yas was ready at times and now i’m 100% ready. Things just feel right.”

Yas adds, “We never grew in our relationsh­ip when we were based in the uk. We were always abroad getting together and we never got to understand each other in our own natural habitat.

“on these trips abroad [to Corsica and sydney], we were with all our friends. We never got to spend one-on-one time and that’s probably why we didn’t quite get each other.”

While they couldn’t make their relationsh­ip work before, sam that what they have now is “real and super exciting”. He beams, “We’ve turned a whole new book. our relationsh­ip has changed dramatical­ly from sydney.”

as for their next steps, the pair are considerin­g moving in together particular­ly as they now present a new food podcast, All Things Deliciouss­s, together. “it’s something we’ve definitely been speaking about more,” sam says. “i think we were probably scared to speak about it in our first couple of relationsh­ips, but now it’s big conversati­ons we’re having.”

There’s even marriage on the cards, according to Yas. “We’ve fought so much together, we’ve gone through so much. i can definitely see myself marrying sam,” she smiles.

smitten sam is even more positive. He adds, “i personally believe that it is going to happen and it’s the most exciting thing ever. We talk about it, i feel like nearly every day we talk about that next step and what we want to do next. starting a business is that first little step.”

although the couple are very much in love, they’re in for a fresh set of challenges on Made In Chelsea’s upcoming series as their co-stars begin dredging up the past.

“in this series, there are allegation­s about our relationsh­ip,” Yas says. sam

explains, “Over the Christmas period, we had a time where we weren’t together and

I think it was misconstru­ed by multiple cast members that I cheated on Yasmine.

“Actually, we had a time where we were unsure whether it was going to work out and had some space away from each other before coming back to each other. I was living in the country, Yas was living in London.”

Yas adds, “When we started the series, we were in this happy place but things were brought up from a time where things were different.”

“It’s a shame that it was all brought to camera and I think people were in shock at that moment because people thought we were together,” Sam says.

There’s even more drama to come from their fellow cast members with Maeva D’ascanio and James Taylor returning to the show after welcoming their son Beau and marrying in December. “They’re such an interestin­g couple,” Sam laughs. “I sometimes think, ‘God, how does this all work?’ Because they are just very different people. But they are entertaini­ng.”

Yas adds, “You think now they’re a married couple with a kid, what more can they talk about on Made In Chelsea? But there is always something going on with those two. They’re still Maeva and James!”

There’s a new arrival in

SW3 too as Sam Vanderpump

the nephew of Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump joins the socialites. However, newcomer Sam didn’t make the best first impression with Chelsea Sam.

“When I first met him I was like, ‘Hello?’ But when I got to hang out with him more, I think he’s lovely,” Sam says. “I think he’s a huge asset to the show.”

Yas explains, “I think when

Sam first met him, there was a bit of [drama] – which you’ll see but Sam Vanderpump is now one of our good friends.”

With a podcast in the works and plans to branch out into other TV shows, how long will Sam and Yas be staying with Made In Chelsea?

“Another 30 years,” Sam jokes. “There are times where I think maybe I should move on, but I just love it.”

Yas adds, “It depends what’s going on in our lives. I can’t do it forever but we’ll see. It’s fun for now.”

Are the couple tempted to follow co-star Miles Nazaire’s footsteps by taking part in Dancing On Ice?

“You actually see me dancing at some point this season,” Sam smiles. “I share a big secret this series I get out of my comfort zone for sure.”

Made In Chelsea, Monday 15 April, 9pm, E4

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