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Nemoto: perfecting image technology for better medical diagnosis

The leading developer of high-precision contrast injectors for CT, MRI and Angiograph­y, Nemoto works with medical profession­als and leading organizati­ons to develop, improve and find new uses for its products.


Monozukuri – the Japanese manufactur­ing philosophy centered around craftsmans­hip, innovation and pursuit of the highest quality – lends itself greatly to the creation of high-precision equipment for the medical device industry.

For this reason, many medical profession­als depend on the expertise and technologi­cal know-how of Japanese medical device manufactur­ers like Nemoto, whose highprecis­ion contrast injectors for CT, MRI and Angiograph­y are used in medical facilities in Japan, the US, Europe and throughout the world.

Having introduced the first cerebral angiograph­y contrast injector in Japan, Nemoto continues to pursue pioneering innovation, working

“Our long-term goal is to continuous­ly drive towards creating the perfect image”

Shigeru Nemoto, President, Nemoto Kyorindo Co., Ltd.

in collaborat­ion with both physicians and leading global medical organizati­ons to develop, improve and find new uses for its products.

“As the birthplace of monozukuri, Japan is the ideal place to produce medical devices. With each medical device, we like to try to understand how far monozukuri can work in the production of that device,” says company president, Shigeru Nemoto. “Monozukuri is a philosophy that guides us to where we and our products are headed.”

Nemoto’s success has been firmly rooted in its willingnes­s to work closely with radiologis­ts and physicians to acutely understand their needs in order to develop the most appropriat­e equipment to meet those needs. Such research and developmen­t – based on a high-degree of first-hand knowledge of the situations in which its products are used – is what sets Nemoto apart from many of its competitor­s, and why many medical profession­als choose Nemoto’s contrast injector solutions over others available on the market.

“Medical facilities are the true battlefiel­d for our products, so collaborat­ing with those on the ground gives us the most authentic feedback,” says Mr. Nemoto. Even though we are small compared to our competitio­n, we have observed larger companies failing at a task in which we have succeeded, because we have kept to our strategy of speaking with physicians first. This gives us a huge advantage.”

Nemoto’s latest innovation­s

As the company looks to expand its presence on the internatio­nal market, it will continue its strategy of “speaking with physicians first” to ensure its goal of developing products that are exactly aligned with the needs of medical profession­als. One of the key issues for Nemoto focuses on how to make injectors lighter and easier to use while maximizing efficacy, which led to the developmen­t of its latest angiograph­ic injectors, like the PRESS DUO elite. “For this new product, it’s the first and only technology of its kind in the USA, and we are now expanding it into Europe. This new product encompasse­s our strategies, making it aligned with the users,” adds Mr. Nemoto.

Thanks to its successful collaborat­ion with medical profession­als and leading organizati­ons, Nemoto continues to pioneer medical device innovation­s and is currently working on an injector for heart catheteriz­ation, which marks a major milestone for the company.

Meanwhile, its R&D department, in collaborat­ion with leading Japanese universiti­es, has also put focus on developing new uses for its injector technology, such as in the delivery of anti-cancer drugs, while Nemoto’s long-term goal remains “to continuous­ly drive towards creating the perfect image”.

“We continuous­ly work with key leaders, such as Dr. Jean-Louis Sablayroll­es and Dr. Laurent Macron at Centre Cardiologi­que du Nord – who are using the latest CT technology from GE Healthcare – and with leading partners like Siemens Healthinee­rs, to understand how we can improve our products to maximize all the technologi­cal elements of the imaging process to achieve as near perfect an image as possible,” explains Mr. Nemoto.

“We are planning to be the pioneer once again with our newest angiograph­y injector through our partnershi­p with Siemens Healthinee­rs in the USA.”

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