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Hair loss man­age­ment and hair re­place­ment op­tions ex­clu­sively for women

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Jac­qui Pulling, ( pic­tured right) has Fe­male Pat­tern Hair Loss which is, glob­ally, the most com­mon form of hair loss in women. She spent years try­ing var­i­ous prod­ucts that claimed amaz­ing re­sults but noth­ing worked. Jac­qui had the added chal­lenge of be­ing a hair­dresser, she said, “I be­came very clever at dis­guis­ing my thin­ning hair. I al­ways tried to make sure that peo­ple didn’t stand above me, and avoided sit­ting di­rectly un­der­neath a light be­cause this would high­light how thin my hair was.” Al­though she ap­peared con­fi­dent and bub­bly she felt the to­tal op­po­site. e. “It’s dif­fi­cult to find the words to de­scribe how un-fem­i­nine, and ugly, it made me feel” Her hus­band Neil was aware how un­happy Jac­qui was be­cause of her hair and en­cour­aged her to ex­plore cos­metic op­tions. “My life changed for the bet­ter after a con­sul­ta­tion with Lucinda Ellery. Lucinda ex­plained that the In­tralace Sys­tem would give me the vol­ume I al­ways wanted. I was over­come with re­lief when she ex­plained that I could have a head of hair that could be worn 24/7 and washed and styled like it was my own.” The In­tralace sys­tem uses a hy­poal­ler­genic breath­able mesh which is shaped over the ar­eas of hair loss or hair thin­ning. The mesh is at­tached to the client’s own hair us­ing small plaits and then eth­i­cally sourced hu­man hair is added to the mesh to recre­ate a full head of hair with spe­cially made com­po­nents to in­clude a hair part­ing. This pro­vides a com­pletely se­cure head of nat­u­ral-look­ing hair that can be washed, brushed, and styled in any way and al­lows the client’s hair to grow through the mesh. One client said, “I ab­so­lutely love my new hair, it is the best, most pos­i­tive thing I have ever done. I re­turn to Lucinda Ellery ev­ery six to eight weeks for main­te­nance ap­point­ments. The sys­tem is con­nected to my own hair and as my hair grows it is ad­justed to keep it se­cure and look­ing good.” Each per­son­alised sys­tem is de­signed to help with hair loss con­di­tions rang­ing from; Fe­male Pat­tern hair loss, An­dro­ge­netic Alope­cia, Chemo­ther­apy hair loss, Frontal Fi­bros­ing Alope­cia, Tri­chotil­lo­ma­nia, Alope­cia Areata, Tel­o­gen Ef­flu­vium and Alope­cia To­talis. Lucinda Ellery of­fers a range of op­tions to help man­age fine hair or hair loss to in­clude Medi Con­nec­tions™ (ul­tra fine hair ex­ten­sions), the In­tralace Min­ima and the In­tralace Freewear. Hair Loss Man­age­ment tech­niques of­fered at Lucinda Ellery in­clude: Medi Con­nec­tions™ for An­dro­ge­netic Alope­cia, Fe­male Pat­tern Hair Loss and Tel­o­gan Ef­flu­vium – ex­tremely fine ex­ten­sions that add vol­ume and hide ar­eas of thin­ning but will not stress the ex­ist­ing hair. In­tralace Min­ima™ for thin­ning in the im­me­di­ate front hair line or cen­tre part­ing area. In­tralace sys­tem™ for Alope­cia Areata, Fe­male Pat­tern Hair Loss, Chemo­ther­apy, Post Ra­dio ther­apy, Lu­pus and most other types of hair loss in­clud­ing Frontal Fi­bros­ing Alope­cia and TTM (Tri­chotil­lo­ma­nia) to cover larger ar­eas of hair loss. This is a mesh-based hair re­place­ment sys­tem, which they match pre­cisely to the client’s hair or can be cre­ated in a de­sir­able style or look. The In­tralace Sys­tem is used 24/7, so nor­mal hair wash­ing, swim­ming and sleep­ing are all part of your daily rou­tine with this op­tion. In­tralace Free Wear sys­tem™ is Lucinda’s trade­marked al­ter­na­tive to the tra­di­tional wig and is de­signed for women with to­tal hair loss. This sys­tem is uniquely de­signed us­ing real hu­man hair, which pro­vides the best pos­si­ble wear, com­fort and scalp hy­giene. This op­tion also al­lows 24/7 use.

For more in­for­ma­tion, please visit:­cin­daellery-hair­ or call 0131 5263 222 to ar­range a com­pli­men­tary con­sul­ta­tion.


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