Your Party Per­fect Hair

It can be a mad dash to get party ready – es­pe­cially when it comes to hair. Here’s how to en­sure your tresses are ready for any­thing this fes­tive sea­son...


For short to medium hair... Tou­sled Waves

Step 1. Curls are al­ways in for party sea­son, but long gone are the days of sleep­ing in your rollers. This sea­son is all about the tou­sled ef­fect! Start by comb­ing through sec­ond day hair to en­sure there are no tan­gles and sec­tion it into a deep side part­ing to give height and body.

Step 2. Start by lightly spray­ing your strands with hair­spray be­fore you curl them. Then brush hair again to make sure the prod­uct is evenly dis­trib­uted through­out. This will en­sure curls are held in place with­out any stiff­ness.

Step 3. Next, curl only the mid­dle to ends of hair us­ing a curl­ing iron with a clamp (pic­tured be­low) to help se­cure hair in place. If you use a curl­ing wand on shorter hair, you risk the chance of burn­ing your fingers as you have less hair to grip when wrap­ping around the curler. As you get to­wards the ends, leave a quar­ter of an inch of hair straight to cre­ate small flicks and add a dash of glam­our!

Step 4. Once your hair is fully curled, leave locks to cool for around 10 min­utes in or­der to set them in place. Once they are cool, use a soft bris­tle brush and gen­tly comb out curls out for tou­sled waves. This will help to add vol­ume to shorter hair. Next, rub a small amount of serum through the ends to keep any frizz at bay. Copy Rachel Mca­dams’ de­mure look by tuck­ing hair be­hind your ear on one side.

For longer hair... A Sleek Up Do

Step 1. This is a mod­ern twist on an el­e­gant and clas­sic style. Cre­ate this look on sec­ond day hair for grip and tex­ture as freshly washed locks are too soft.

Step 2. First split your hair into two sec­tions: top and bot­tom. Be­gin by gen­tly back­comb­ing the top half of your hair at the crown for vol­ume with a wide toothed comb and use hair­spray to set in place. Then, use a comb again to smooth over the top layer of hair. Step 3. Then gather all of your hair into a pony­tail, il de­pend­ing on where you want your French twist to sit (high, low or in the mid­dle) while leav­ing a few strands loose at the front. Once your pony­tail is se­cure, use this handy French twist tool (pic­tured right).

Step 4. Un­ravel the Scunci net and at­tach it ver­ti­cally to your hair, start­ing at the scalp. Next, slide it to­wards the ends to en­sure all strands are se­cure in the clip and will stay in place. Once you reach the end, roll the clip ver­ti­cally to­wards the crown, mak­ing sure you smooth any frizz as you go. This tool will cre­ate the French roll shape for you, with­out hav­ing to gather up hair your­self! Next, se­cure with kirby grips (plain or em­bel­lished for an ex­tra sparkle!) and gen­tly pull out a few loose strands for a more re­laxed vibe.

Step 4. Now this is where we change things up! In­stead of neatly pin­ning the front of your hair into the French roll, fo­cus on the loose strands that were left out of the pony­tail. Us­ing tongs on a low heat set­ting, as the front of your hair is of­ten the most brit­tle, curl the ends and spritz with hair­spray. Gen­tly back­comb them and twist to­wards the French roll, sim­i­lar to Kate Winslet. This will help to frame your face and add a touch of vol­ume.

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