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Your as­tro­log­i­cal guide from 22nd Novem­ber - 20th De­cem­ber

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Sagit­tar­ius Nov 23rd - Dec 20th

This is your time, with Jupiter open­ing life up for you and en­cour­ag­ing you to go large with plans and projects. New Moon rays in De­cem­ber’s first week may bring trades­folk into your home, with a spot­light on male rel­a­tives, while Sol­stice shows a sealed deal that could boost se­cu­rity.

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Aries March 21st - April 19th

The travel bug could be bit­ing, although it may be that your hands are cur­rently tied, which finds you a bit antsy with any­one or any­thing who seems to hem you in. Do­ing what you can or re­ally ought to do is best for now. As 2019 ar­rives, you’re freer.

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Leo July 23rd - Au­gust 23rd

Fresh per­sonal chap­ters be­gin now, with Jupiter in your horo­scope house of love, friends and chil­dren, and new Moon rays there too. There could be a case of sec­ond time lucky that means a lot. Fam­ily and home life is pow­er­fully in fo­cus, with a three month time span fea­tur­ing.

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Capri­corn Dec 21st - Jan 20th

Early De­cem­ber favours step­ping back to recharge your bat­ter­ies, maybe tak­ing a break if you can. An un­usual jour­ney or meet­ing could take place, pos­si­bly sur­rounded by an air of se­crecy. Look out for news of a fam­ily re­con­nec­tion too. The year ends with fresh start plans for some­one close.

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Tau­rus April 20th - May 20th

Your own planet Venus comes out of her shad­ows from 6th De­cem­ber and that could lift a cer­tain cloud or con­cern you’ve had for months. As Win­ter Sol­stice ar­rives on 21st, you’re aware that your life path is shift­ing, with some­thing re­leased or granted that opens new doors for you.

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Virgo Aug 24th - Sept 22nd

There’s a sense of both re­lease and ex­pan­sion com­ing through your chart, with some­thing that’s pos­si­bly been hang­ing over you like a big ques­tion mark for some months, fi­nally be­ing tied up, re­solved, free­ing you to fo­cus on new be­gin­nings, one of which seems to have an air of cel­e­bra­tion.

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Aquar­ius Jan 21st - Feb 18th

You may be re­sum­ing the threads of what be­gan a few months ago, yet this may also link to events from late 2010. There’s a strange sense of some­thing ben­e­fi­cial hap­pen­ing which might not have been ob­vi­ous to you, but which will feel like a re­birth, with wish ful­fil­ment po­ten­tial.

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Gem­ini May 21st - June 20th

Mer­cury has been tug­ging you back over old ground, re­con­nect­ing you to the past, stir­ring you to think more deeply about re­la­tion­ships, skills, sur­round­ings and well-be­ing. Early De­cem­ber brings a chal­lenge, but rise wisely to that and watch the tide turn to favour you with green lights com­ing around 20th.

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Li­bra Sept 23rd - Oct 23rd

Over the last month you may have been go­ing back in time, back over old emo­tional ground, per­haps re-eval­u­at­ing one key in­volve­ment, and it could be that what once seemed ter­ri­bly im­por­tant, no longer is, which could be in­cred­i­bly lib­er­at­ing. Fam­ily news brings smiles in the run up to Christ­mas.

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Pisces Feb 19th - March 20th

Mars is in Pisces, rous­ing your in­ner fire, per­haps rat­tling you here and there too, as you find con­flict stress­ful, yet from some­thing that ag­i­tates you could come some­thing you’ll be glad you did. De­cem­ber is first tak­ing you out of your com­fort zone, then bring­ing re­wards around the third week.

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Can­cer June 21st - July 22nd

The ex­plorer in your soul is stirred to chase your dreams, with rest­less cos­mic tides tug­ging at your imag­i­na­tion. Work con­tracts and agree­ments could fea­ture as 2018 draws to a close, as might tick­ets and pass­ports, a wish that’s ful­filled and some am­bi­tious res­o­lu­tions that you fully in­tend to keep.

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Scor­pio Oct 24th - Nov 22nd

Since Septem­ber, there’s been a lot go­ing on in the back­ground of your life, pos­si­bly within a part­ner­ship, with slow progress to­wards an ul­ti­mate goal, and yet mid-month brings a sigh of relief that says, things are now on the right track. Keys, test suc­cess and fi­nan­cial agree­ments could fea­ture.

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