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Be­gin with the ba­sics

While it is never any­one’s favourite task, clear­ing out your kitchen cup­boards can be a very re­ward­ing one. Start by throw­ing out any­thing that’s been there since you first moved in and only re-stock the ones you reg­u­larly use. Also, don’t hold onto any­thing that you def­i­nitely won’t use un­til next Christ­mas. The new year is not the time to be hoard­ing half-used jars of cran­berry sauce so it is best to use it up now or lose it.

Move things around

If an item keeps pop­ping up in the wrong spot, con­sider mov­ing it to a new home. For ex­am­ple, if your oven mitt con­stantly makes its way out of the drawer that it is sup­posed to ‘live’ in, con­sider mov­ing it closer to some­where it’s al­ways used, such as a hook next to the oven.

Stream­line your stor­age

For a stylish and sus­tain­able make-over, air­tight la­belled jars cre­ate a clean and pol­ished fin­ish. They not only keep your snack and pantry items fresher for longer, but they also max­imise space and make it easy to see when items need to be re­plen­ished. This crafty shift will keep you on top of things and make your shelves look lovely. A to­tal win!

Cre­ate sym­me­try

In or­der to re­store a sense of har­mony in your kitchen, which is of­ten the most utilised space in your home, bal­ance out the room with sym­me­try. For ex­am­ple, some­thing as sim­ple as two iden­ti­cal plants on ei­ther side of a sink can cre­ate a min­i­mal­is­tic vibe and draw the eye to­wards them, away from any counter top clut­ter.

Test it out

Not sure what you use and what you don’t in your kitchen? Start by emp­ty­ing the con­tents of your kitchen uten­sils drawer into a card­board box. For one month, put a uten­sil back into the drawer only if you take it out of the box to use it. If it’s still in the box af­ter an­other month – you don’t need it and it could be time to part with it.

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