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Di­vide and con­quer

Now is the time to get into ev­ery nook and cranny! Be­gin by tak­ing ev­ery­thing out of the medicine cabi­net and clear out draw­ers and shelves so you can see what you have be­fore you or­gan­ise. Take the time to toss ex­pired make-up, first-aid prod­ucts and med­i­ca­tions as these are of no use and only take up space. Once you’ve cleared these away, use drawer di­viders to keep your toi­letries and make-up or­gan­ised in the bath­room.

One in, one out pol­icy

While clear­ing away clut­ter is im­por­tant, it is even more cru­cial to pre­vent it from build­ing up again. From now on adopt a one in, one out pol­icy which means ev­ery time you buy some­thing new, like tow­els or a beauty prod­ucts, clear out one you’ve al­ready got to en­sure you aren’t cre­at­ing new clut­ter.

Hang it up

A bath­room can eas­ily look messy if there is no place to hang your tow­els and robes. To keep it tidy, hang a small hand towel ring by the sink where it’s needed, in­stall a hook for your bathrobe, and make sure you have a rod to hang your bath tow­els on. These ad­di­tions may be sim­ple, but can make a dras­tic im­pact on the look of the room.

Keep make-up tidy

It’s so easy for a dress­ing ta­ble or bath­room sink to be­come a clut­ter mag­net, full of the lo­tions and po­tions that we use ev­ery day. In or­der to re­sist the urge to leave prod­ucts ly­ing around, use shal­low boxes, make-up di­viders or van­ity draw­ers to keep ev­ery­thing tidy. To give your bath­room a pop of per­son­al­ity, dis­play a se­lect few beau­ti­ful items, such as lip­sticks or per­fume bot­tles, on the top of the boxes or draw­ers.

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