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HAV­ING a “suck­ers list” post­code, I re­ceive a con­sid­er­able amount of scam mail and tele­phone calls promis­ing me that I have won thou­sands of pounds or they have the an­swer to my health prob­lem.

I am of an age where I am able to avoid such scams and take ac­tion if pos­si­ble.

But it doesn’t stop these face­less peo­ple from mov­ing on to their next vic­tim, which is why I con­sider Mar­i­lyn Bald­win OBE to be a true hero in her cam­paign to pre­vent oth­ers be­com­ing vic­tims of such prac­tices.

Mar­i­lyn still has the 30,000 let­ters sent to her mother, all promis­ing some­thing for a “fee”. One doesn’t have to el­derly to be­come a vic­tim of these scam­mers, as they work on those who deem that you can get some­thing for noth­ing.

These evil peo­ple are re­lent­less in their ef­forts to ex­tract money from who­ever is gullible enough, the de­tails of whom are placed on a “sucker list” to be tar­geted by new scam­mers, who want to en­joy the high life while their vic­tims prob­a­bly strug­gle to pay for the ba­sics.

Some may grum­ble at the cost of the Not­ting­ham Post but it can save you thou­sands, as it high­lights those who are con­victed of these hideous crimes.

So, read­ers check out THINK JES­SICA for fur­ther ad­vice for your el­derly rel­a­tives or those who you feel vul­ner­a­ble to such scams

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