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Check Mate!

Do with me woman what thou wilt, Tease me, ne’er a pang of guilt; Hu­mil­i­ate and degra­date,

In man­ner foul emas­cu­late. Turn up the heat and make me sweat,

I shall not haz­ard take a bet Against thy crush­ing in defeat This soul which grov­els at your feet. So Snakes and Lad­ders, Scrab­ble too Sorry, choose your weapons do; Domi­noes, Check­ers, Chess as well For I don’t care, I’m bound to tell. No mat­ter my mag­nif­i­cent score No need to fear, you’ve scored much more; In a trice the lad­der’s top you make While I grap­ple below some ter­ror­ist Snake In an­other pounce, pro­claimed “I’m Home” Whilst on the bat­tle­board I roam; You trump or check with fright­en­ing speed But you call me Mate! There is no need. Do with me woman what thou wilt And plunge the dag­ger to the hilt; I’ll gather up my scram­bled brain And pray to­mor­row’s not the same. Per­haps I’ll win a game or two

Or draw per­haps, e’en that will do; So win or draw would be just great Then I’ll mut­ter ‘neath my breath Check Mate! Ian C Gray Wol­la­ton Park Not­ting­ham

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