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Residents: We won’t pay new waste charge



RESIDENTS in Nottingham say they won’t pay a new Nottingham City Council charge to have their garden waste removed.

Their defiant statement follows the council’s announceme­nt on March 20 that garden waste collection­s will become a paid subscripti­on service from May 1.

The changes will bring the city in line with most councils in England, including neighbouri­ng authoritie­s. Residents have to opt in online and pay an annual fee of £35.

But some say this is too much, as the cost-of-living crisis was still making its presence felt. Some said that they would use a recycling centre and not pay the new charge.

Rohey Sonko, 42, from St Ann’s, said: “I wouldn’t pay the charge. I’d rather not have the bin. We don’t use it that much anyway, just when we cut the grass, so we’ll just take it to the recycling centre.”

Neighbour Aboubacar Sylla, 30, added: “My garden is low maintenanc­e so I don’t use the bin that much. I’ll just take whatever waste to the recycling centre.

“If I had a bigger garden, I think I’d keep the bin, but it’s quite small.”

Another St Ann’s resident, who wished to keep her identity private, said: “I don’t agree with the new charge. I think we’re paying enough in council tax as it is and they’re always putting it up anyway. It’s not right because people are struggling.

“We don’t use the bin a lot anyway because we don’t have a large garden.

“Things would be easier if we had a car and could take the waste to a recycling centre so I guess we’ll have to wait and see what we decide to do. We’re just trying to save money all the time, aren’t we?”

But Martin Archer, 53, also of St Ann’s, said that although he did not agree with paying extra, he understood the council “has to get money from somewhere”. Another resident who wished to remain anonymous added: “If I had to pay it, I would. The money that the council lost, they obviously need to make up. I’m prepared to pay that charge if it’s going to stop the old people losing out on things, for example. I don’t think it’s too expensive, either, for a yearly tax.” There will be a discount for any additional garden bins at a property, and households receiving council tax benefit can get the service for £17.50. Residents who do not already have a garden waste bin will also need to pay an additional one-off cost of £25 for delivery.

The collection service will run from April to November, with fortnightl­y collection­s taking place until September, and then monthly collection­s in October and November. Garden waste can be taken for free to the Household Waste and Recycling Centre on Redfield Road, Lenton.

Garden waste must not be put into other household waste or recycling bins, the council says.

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