Gemma Collins

Gemma Collins – who shot to fame on The Only Way Is Es­sex – has re­leased a book based on her life. But she won’t an­swer ques­tions un­less you’ve read it…

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‘Has this girl been briefed?’

There’s no deny­ing Gemma Collins is one of the stand­out char­ac­ters from ITVBE’S The Only Way Is Es­sex and, since turn­ing into a walk­ing, talk­ing so­cial me­dia meme, the 37-year-old ex-car sales­woman has en­joyed fame on a dif­fer­ent level.

But it seems The GC (as she refers to her­self) has got a bit too big for her Louboutins as she pre­pares to re­lease her sec­ond book The GC: How To Be A Diva. When Now sits down with Gem, it be­comes clear it’s the per­fect ti­tle for her book, as she lays down the law. ‘Has this girl been briefed?’ she asks her agent. De­spite the fact that we haven’t been sent a copy of the book (which hasn’t yet been re­leased), Gemma isn’t im­pressed to learn we haven’t read it.

And she can’t seem to grasp the con­cept that it’s a book sup­pos­edly about her, writ­ten by her, mean­ing she should be able to talk for hours about it.

But we’re re­peat­edly told, ‘We can’t do this if you haven’t read the book.’ We power on through, ask­ing ques­tions about Gemma’s life, be­fore she tells us, ‘This in­ter­view is sup­posed to be about the book.’ Which is about your life, right? Con­fused? Us too… Hi Gemma! How are you? I’m very good, how are you? I’m good! What have you been up to to­day?

I’ve been do­ing lots of in­ter­views for my book, just like I’m do­ing now. It’s been very full on.

So tell me about your book. How did it come about?

Have you read it, hun?

No I haven’t, I’m afraid.

OK, so you’re do­ing this in­ter­view with­out hav­ing done any re­search or read the book or any­thing?

I wasn’t sent it…

(PR: It’s only been sent out to cer­tain peo­ple, and it’s not out yet. She’d have been lucky to have al­ready read a copy.)

Who do you work for?

Now mag­a­zine.

(Gemma to her PR:) All these ques­tions need to be about the book and if they haven’t got the book in front of them…

(PR: They would have been briefed on the book though.)

Oh, have you been briefed on the book, hun?


All right, go for it then! What is it you wanted to ask me? How did the book come about?

Ba­si­cally, I read Pocket Kim Wis­dom [a book of quotes from Kim Kar­dashian]. My mum bought it for me, and it was ab­so­lutely hi­lar­i­ous, so I thought, you know what? I need to do my ver­sion of it and that’s lit­er­ally what I’ve done. That was my whole in­spo for the book.

And what kind of ad­vice do you have in there?

Erm… have they given you any stuff from the book? Then you would know…

It’s go­ing to be hard to do this if you don’t know. Ba­si­cally, it’s a real fun, fun, fun guide to life and be­ing the best ver­sion of you.

How have you specif­i­cally earned your di­va­ship?

I’ve been through a lot in my life. I’m a real am­bas­sador for all the girls out there and ba­si­cally, yeah, that’s that re­ally. I’m The GC, baby!

What’s the best ad­vice you give in the book?

Well, if you read it, you would know, so… I think wait un­til you get a copy and then you’ll be able to em­brace the book. It’s hard to do an in­ter­view if you haven’t done any re­search on the book or been sent it. I’m go­ing to get them to send you a book and you can read up on it and then maybe we’ll do this another time. Be­cause we’re meant to be do­ing an in­ter­view on the book, but you haven’t got the book in front of you, so you don’t know what it’s about.

(PR: Do we have the next ques­tion?)

(To the PR:) Do you see what I’m say­ing? It’s hard for the girl to do the in­ter­view if she hasn’t got the book and stuff.

(PR: Ab­so­lutely. So what was your next ques­tion for Gemma?)

They weren’t about the book specif­i­cally.

OK, so this was meant to be about the book. Ba­si­cally, any of the in­ter­views have to be about the book; any­thing else isn’t rel­e­vant. Dar­ling, don’t worry, we’re go­ing to get the book pub­lish­ers to send ev­ery­one do­ing an in­ter­view the book. Thank you, bye!

She made her TV de­but sell­ing a car to Kirk on TOWIE

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