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21 Jan-19 Feb

What would you say to some­one tee­ter­ing on the edge of your choices? Imag­ine you’re giv­ing some­one else your ex­pe­ri­ence and wis­dom. Yes, I am sug­gest­ing you give your­self a good talk­ing to! UK: 0905 817 1571* IRL: 1560 787911*


21 Apr-21 May

A work dilemma may not be as much of a drama as it seems – for once your re­luc­tance to get in­volved pays off. Those that rushed to take sides will pay the price. Fence sit as long as you can. UK: 0905 817 1562* IRL: 1560 787902*


23 Jul-22 Aug Some­times peo­ple get a bit con­fused about what you said. No mat­ter who did or didn’t say what, the way ahead is a face-to-face where both your ears work harder than your one mouth. UK: 0905 817 1565* IRL: 1560 787905*


23 Oct-22 Nov

The chat­ter mon­keys are around, spread­ing their goss. But Uranus is in op­po­si­tion, sug­gest­ing you may get some sur­pris­ing re­ac­tions if you share the chat. Not good. Hear none, see none, speak none. UK: 0905 817 1568* IRL: 1560 787908*


20 Feb-20 Mar

With Venus in such a gor­geous mood with Nep­tune, things could feel mag­i­cal and that’s amaz­ing. But con­sider the prac­ti­cal im­pli­ca­tions, es­pe­cially when it comes to a fi­nan­cial com­mit­ment. UK: 0905 817 1572* IRL: 1560 787912*


22 May-20 Jun

Happy? What does that mean? What does hap­pi­ness look like and if it was a pair of shoes, what kind? Get out of your head and into your heart. Im­merse your­self in the feels not the thinks. Please. UK: 0905 817 1563* IRL: 1560 787903*


23 Aug-22 Sep

What’s for you won’t go past you, some­thing my gran told me when I felt I’d missed out. And I pass that onto you Virgo, be­cause what’s gone was never part of the plan. Per­sonal or pro­fes­sional. UK: 0905 817 1566* IRL: 1560 787906*


23 Nov-21 Dec

Friends and col­leagues are mak­ing moves, there are changes in your tribe and it’s likely to feel as if you’ve got no con­trol. You don’t. The in and out of folks sets you up for new ex­pe­ri­ences.

UK: 0905 817 1569* IRL: 1560 787909*


21 Mar-20 Apr

Folks may tell you that a fire sign like you needs an­other fire sign – or maybe an air sign? But what you re­ally need is some­one who gives back what you give out and this week’s scope re­flects just that. UK: 0905 817 1561* IRL: 1560 787901*


21 Jun-22 Jul

What isn’t hap­pen­ing as fast as you’d like is a fam­ily mat­ter, a house move or a com­mit­ment to that big party? You can push if you like, it will only en­cour­age those un­de­cided to dig deeper. UK: 0905 817 1564* IRL: 1560 787904*


23 Sep-22 Oct

It’s fresh starts all round as you see an op­tion you never thought pos­si­ble and no mat­ter where it strikes it’s all about accepting help. A new union is formed and you’ll ben­e­fit from it, trust in the help. UK: 0905 817 1567* IRL: 1560 787907*


22 Dec-20 Jan

When your star is on the rise it’s a good idea to use that en­ergy. For the past few weeks it’s been just that. It’s end­ing and should be fully ex­ploited be­fore things calm down as they in­evitably will. UK: 0905 817 1570* IRL: 1560 787910*


If it’s your birth­day this week… Oct usher will be 40 on 14 a Your can-do at­ti­tude gets and boost from Novem­ber in you could find your­self the realms of big ideas, then swing­ing back to con­ver­sa­tions about why they can’t hap­pen. Ig­nore the can’t-do­ers. You’re get­ting a good grip on debts for a con­fi­dent year. Make the most of it.

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