We slept with an­other cou­ple on hon­ey­moon!

Terri Black­ley, 27, and her hus­band were ea­ger to in­ject some ex­cite­ment into their re­la­tion­ship

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Read­ing the mes­sage on my phone, I couldn’t help but laugh. I was on a dat­ing app and Lee Black­ley, then 27, had just mes­saged me. ‘Hi Mario, I re­ally miss you. Where have you been hid­ing?’ he wrote.

My pro­file pic­ture was of me at a fancy-dress party, dressed as Mario from Su­per Mario Bros – Lee’s was of him dressed up as Luigi! His mes­sage was a great ice­breaker and his cheek­i­ness set the tone for things to come.

Af­ter send­ing a few silly mes­sages, we agreed to meet up for a drink a few weeks on, in Fe­bru­ary 2015. Lee was just as funny in real life, but he had a gen­uine and hon­est side, too. When we got onto the sub­ject of exes, Lee opened up.

‘I’ve cheated on all of my girl­friends,’ he ad­mit­ted. ‘I’m not proud of it, but I just can’t help it. I get bored eas­ily.’

Most girls would’ve pan­icked af­ter hear­ing that, but not me. I ad­mired his hon­esty, and in truth, there had been times I’d con­sid­ered the same sort of thing.

‘I’ve been tempted to stray in the past,’ I con­fessed.

‘We’re a match made in heaven, then,’ Lee said.

We had a few more dates and, soon enough, we were a cou­ple. We were be­sot­ted with one an­other – we couldn’t keep our hands off each other and our sex life was full of pas­sion. Both ad­ven­tur­ous in the bed­room, it seemed to me there was no chance of us get­ting bored.

Added thrill

Then, a few months into our re­la­tion­ship, Lee asked me some­thing that wor­ried me. ‘Do you miss sleep­ing with other peo­ple?’ he asked.

‘No!’ I replied. ‘I’m with you. Why would I want any­body else?’

Was Lee ask­ing be­cause he missed be­ing with other peo­ple? We didn’t say any­thing more, but Lee had made me ques­tion things.

I’d al­ways had an ad­ven­tur­ous sex life, I’d even tried a cou­ple of three­somes be­fore meet­ing Lee and wasn’t op­posed to try­ing it again. So, a few days later, I asked Lee if he’d ever have a three­some with me and a stranger.

‘I’m not sure,’ he replied. He thought it might cause prob­lems in our re­la­tion­ship. But I didn’t agree – in fact,

I was con­vinced it would add even more ex­cite­ment.

Lee thought about the idea for a few days, then agreed to give it a try. How­ever, we de­cided to set some bound­aries first.

‘It’s just sex,’ I told Lee. ‘We’ll save the pas­sion for our own bed­room.’ And prac­tis­ing safe sex was a must.

‘I en­joyed watch­ing her and Lee hav­ing sex’

We signed up to a swingers’ web­site – and, just days on, we got chat­ting to a sin­gle woman.

‘I’m a uni­corn,’ she told us. It was a code word for a sin­gle per­son look­ing for a bit of fun with a cou­ple. The woman seemed lovely, so we agreed to meet up with her at a lo­cal cof­fee shop to set some ground rules.

As we chat­ted away, to any­one else, we must have looked like old friends catch­ing up. But had our con­ver­sa­tion been over­heard, it would’ve got peo­ple hot un­der the col­lar!

‘We’re not into bondage or fetishes,’ I told her, and I ex­plained that, while I was happy to watch her and Lee hav­ing sex, I drew the line at kiss­ing. Lee and I wanted to save some in­ti­macy for our­selves, and kiss­ing was one of those things.

A few weeks on, in June 2016, we met the woman in a ho­tel room. When she ar­rived, I felt ner­vous. What if Lee en­joyed it a bit too much? And what if I got jeal­ous – would this de­stroy the trust between us?

Only, as the three of us be­gan re­mov­ing our clothes, my nerves dis­ap­peared, re­placed with a feel­ing of ex­cite­ment. And as things got go­ing, I re­alised I loved it – and didn’t feel jeal­ous at all. In fact, as crazy as it sounds, see­ing Lee with an­other woman turned me on! It gave me a buzz know­ing an­other woman fan­cied him, yet it was me he was go­ing home with. Lee en­joyed him­self, too.

‘I think we should do it again,’ he said af­ter­wards. ‘But only if you want to.’

Re­peat per­for­mance

When he sug­gested we try swing­ing with an­other cou­ple, I was a bit un­sure. ‘How would you han­dle see­ing me with an­other man?’ I asked.

But he seemed keen to try it and af­ter a lot of thought, I agreed. We signed up to a web­site and started chat­ting to a cou­ple on­line. We liked them and de­cided they would be the best peo­ple to try it with. Again, we met in a ho­tel room and the ex­pe­ri­ence just made us fancy each other more. Back home, our sex life was bet­ter than ever.

Since then, Lee and I have be­come ex­pe­ri­enced swingers. We reg­u­larly meet other cou­ples for sex. That’s the dif­fer­ence though. With strangers, it all feels like a bit of fun, but when Lee and I make love, there’s a real con­nec­tion.

In­ti­mate mo­ments

Some of our friends strug­gle to un­der­stand our de­ci­sion, but we’re adamant that be­ing swingers has helped keep the ex­cite­ment in our re­la­tion­ship. Not once has ei­ther of us been tempted to cheat, and last June, Lee even asked me to be his wife. We were at an amuse­ment ar­cade and he pulled me into a photo booth. As the cam­era clicked away, he got down on one knee... Of course, I said yes.

We got mar­ried in May this year. And yes, we’ve con­tin­ued to go swing­ing as hus­band and wife – we even met a cou­ple on the last night of our hon­ey­moon in Ma­galuf and shared an amaz­ing night with them. But our wed­ding night was re­served for just the two of us!

‘It just made us fancy each other even more’

Lee, 31, says, ‘In a bog­stan­dard re­la­tion­ship, you’re al­ways look­ing at mak­ing it ex­cit­ing – which is what I had to do be­fore. I was bored and I wanted more, but I couldn’t get it at home – and it made me cheat, ba­si­cally. It’s more in­ti­mate when me and Terri are alone – it’s love-mak­ing, rather than hav­ing sex. It’s all about bound­aries. With swing­ing, you build a friend­ship just like you would with dat­ing. It’s just a naked friend­ship, re­ally. It’s lib­er­at­ing in a way.’

Lee and Terri say swing­ing has made their re­la­tion­ship stronger than ever Lee pro­posed to Terri in a photo booth!

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