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21 Jan-19 feb

The re­vis­it­ing of a pro­fes­sional mat­ter is needed, some­thing you can turn around fairly eas­ily. The work you’ve al­ready put in means you’re ahead of the com­pe­ti­tion, mak­ing pro­mo­tion a pos­si­bil­ity. uk: 0905 817 1571* irl: 1560 787911*


21 apr-21 may Re­la­tion­ships move for­ward. You’ve had your think­ing time, now you need to share your feel­ings. This will go bet­ter if you do just that and don’t say what you think some­one wants to hear. uk: 0905 817 1562* irl: 1560 787902*


23 Jul-22 aug

Do­mes­tic mat­ters aren’t what you’d call smooth at the mo­ment, but amid the dis­rup­tion you can make real changes. Whether it’s a house move or way­ward fam­ily mem­ber, it’s time for res­o­lu­tion. uk: 0905 817 1565* irl: 1560 787905*


23 Oct-22 nov

Venus is back and she wants to make sure you’ve cov­ered all the bases when it comes to re­view­ing what you want from your love life and your im­age. It’s all about you, how you look and who you love. uk: 0905 817 1568* irl: 1560 787908*


20 feb-20 mar

Get­ting hot where you are? Things are warm­ing up in your re­la­tion­ship sky and it’s a wel­come de­vel­op­ment! Just leave some en­ergy for a big ca­reer shift, too. Busy times ahead, Pisces. uk: 0905 817 1572* irl: 1560 787912*


22 may-20 Jun

I’m not sure you’re as ad­vanced with a work deal as you think you are. Take an­other look and be sure to check in with the of­fice gos­sip – he or she may ac­tu­ally have some­thing that’s us­able. uk: 0905 817 1563* irl: 1560 787903*


23 aug-22 sep

As Mars moves ever closer to Nep­tune, you be­come more and more ag­i­tated by how some­one close to you is be­hav­ing. Is there a dis­tance that wasn’t there be­fore? Break through the fog and talk. uk: 0905 817 1566* irl: 1560 787906*


23 nov-21 Dec

There’s noth­ing wrong with re­lin­quish­ing con­trol and let­ting some­one else drive. But let them drive, Sagit­tar­ius. Don’t give up con­trol and then try to boss them about. A week for step­ping back. uk: 0905 817 1569* irl: 1560 787909*


21 mar-20 apr

The only way to deal with your feel­ings right now is to take those con­ver­sa­tions that go on in your head and bring them into real life. You’re among the bravest of signs – take a deep breath and get on it. uk: 0905 817 1561* irl: 1560 787901*


21 Jun-22 Jul

What would you do if you had noth­ing to lose? Would you say hi to that hot­tie over there, change jobs, say bye bye and travel for a few months? Do or don’t do, there is no in-be­tween. uk: 0905 817 1564* irl: 1560 787904*


23 sep-22 Oct

Why have you be­come caught up in a dis­pute that’s none of your busi­ness? It’s your mate’s or fam­ily mem­ber’s, so by de­fault it’s yours, right? Wrong. They need a lit­tle head space, for now any­way. uk: 0905 817 1567* irl: 1560 787907*


22 Dec-20 Jan

If you’re mak­ing it up, then re­ally go for it! Let your imag­i­na­tion run wild with big ideas, then work out the de­tails later. New faces are mov­ing in, folks who will sup­port you in a grand scheme. uk: 0905 817 1570* irl: 1560 787910*

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