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Dear annabelle, My part­ner has asked for a three­some for his birth­day, but i don’t want to do it. Help! a: Don’t do it then. Three­somes of­ten seem like a good idea, but in re­al­ity they rarely are, es­pe­cially if one per­son isn’t into the idea. Dear annabelle, since hav­ing a baby two years ago, things ‘down there’ are a bit off. i’m scared to laugh in case i wee! a: Firstly, this is so com­mon so please don’t worry or think it’s just you. Sec­ondly, you need to strengthen your pelvic floor. Try my ‘OMG Ke­gal Cher­ries’ from Love­ They’ll cer­tainly help, so you’ll be free to laugh once more! Dear annabelle,

My friend broke up with her boyfriend be­fore Christ­mas and now she’s a bit clingy – how do i tell her to back off? a: Wow, what a friend you are! She went through a break-up, ex­tremely re­cently, at a very hard time of year! Try be­ing a bit more sup­port­ive and imag­ine how you’d feel in her po­si­tion.

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