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1. See 16 Down 4. More than one re­flec­tion is writ­ten about dis­or­derly game (6) 9. See 12 Across 10. Fire, air, earth or wa­ter

that pro­vides heat (7) 11. The even­tual re­sult of

sum­ming up (5) 12 & 9Ac. What the Guy Fawkes Night pro­gramme pro­vides (5,13) 14. The skill that pro­duces a

ves­sel (5) 18. Those who have good ones aren’t nec­es­sar­ily sharp-sighted (5) 19. Draw­ing a ve­hi­cle with

noth­ing on (7) 21. Does it vary ac­cord­ing to what the ranker gets paid? (7,6) 22. Dis­tinc­tive ways of writ­ing with en­grav­ing tools (6) 23. Cau­terised, mak­ing the wa­ters the colour of blood (6) Make the work of the plumber longer! (6) Hav­ing at­tracted a smaller share of the vote (2,3,8) Some of the beer I ex­am­ined is very strange (5) As a cleric, I would be in this abbey (7) One spe­cially in­vited by the judge? (5,2,6) Pay for a seat (6) Is in need of west­ern colonists (5) 13. One with a price on his head could be shot be­fore very long (7) 15. Crooked pole in the ship

is at an an­gle (6) 16 & 1Ac. One pro­pel­ler af­ter an­other used by the car­pen­ter (11) 17. As­suredly, where le­gal

clauses may be found (6) 20. Wan­der widely across

the moun­tains (5) 1. 2. 3. 5. 6.

7. 8. This puz­zle has no clues. In­stead, ev­ery num­ber printed in the grid rep­re­sents a letter, with the same num­ber al­ways rep­re­sent­ing the same letter. For ex­am­ple, if 8 turns out to be a V, you can write in V wher­ever a square con­tains 8. Us­ing your knowl­edge of words, com­plete the puz­zle.

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