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Since moving Stateside in the late noughties, Natasha Bedingfiel­d has taken the US by storm, collaborat­ing with the likes of Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars, performing at the White House and being named one of VHS’S 100 Greatest Women In Music.

Now the 37 year old – who shot to global fame when her 2004 song Unwritten was used as the theme to The Hills

– is back with her first studio album in eight years, Roll With Me. ‘I wanted to make music that moves people and makes them move,’ she says of her new material.

When we catch up with the singer – who lives with her husband, businessma­n Matt Robinson, and their 20-month-old son Solomon in Malibu, LA – she tells us her little boy inspired one of the album’s standout tracks, King Of The World, in which she sings: ‘I like the way I become when you’re around.’ Natasha admits: ‘I hope that can last until he’s a teenager!’

Here, she also opens up about defying expectatio­ns, raising her son and why Radio 2 once banned her music…

What inspired you to get back in the studio for Roll With Me?

I’ve always been busy, but my music wasn’t ready. Having a baby gave me a new energy. I feel fearless and like I can do anything after having gone through that.

How is motherhood treating you?

I love it. There are so many horror stories, so it’s definitely better than I thought it would be! I got lucky and got a really good kid. If people say: ‘Oh, you’re such a good mum,’ I’m like: ‘No, I just lucked out.’ I have a little buddy for life.

It’s funny you wrote a song called I Wanna

Have Your Babies and now we’re talking about your baby…

I know! Radio 2 wouldn’t even play that song, like they thought it was encouragin­g girls to go and have babies. It was tongue in cheek, but men were scared of me after that. It’s just honest – we’re all just thinking, will this guy be a good dad?

What do you hope to teach your son? I want to make sure he’s kind and treats women well. Were you ever not taken seriously as a young female songwriter?

I’ve experience­d my fair share of being put back in my place as a woman, but I like to defy people’s expectatio­ns. That’s the way I’ve chosen to handle it. I’m lucky I’m surrounded by people like my friend Serena Williams, who defies expectatio­ns. People love to tell women their limitation­s, but that just inspires us to keep going.

Have you grown in confidence since you started out?

Definitely. I feel very experience­d and I’m enjoying that. I used to be like: ‘Love me! Be impressed!’ And now I’m like: ‘This is really good, come hang out with me.’ That’s what Roll With Me is about – come along for the ride.

Do you miss the UK?

I get homesick sometimes. When you leave home you hang on to your roots even more. I’ve never drunk so much tea as since I left – and it has to be builders’ tea! I feel like I’ve been representi­ng England out here. I love my English fans and I’m so grateful for their support. ‘ROLL WITH ME’ IS OUT ON AUGUST 30.

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 ??  ?? Right: Natasha credits time away with husband Matt and son Solomon (below) as inspiratio­n for her new album
Right: Natasha credits time away with husband Matt and son Solomon (below) as inspiratio­n for her new album
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