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Fancy work­ing up a sweat while ly­ing down? Then say hello to in­frared ther­apy. It’s the hottest way to per­spire right now, with celebri­ties such as Jen­nifer Anis­ton [right] us­ing it to detox, re­lax, soothe and boost im­mu­nity.

In­frared even prom­ises to help you lose weight, and not just by shift­ing a few pounds of wa­ter that you’ll put back on as soon as you have a drink. The in­frared waves pen­e­trate your tis­sues, rather than just heat­ing the air around you, so while you don’t feel un­pleas­antly hot, you sweat – a lot. It’s claimed that your body burns be­tween 200-600 calo­ries in a 30-min ses­sion as it works to cool you down.

Al­though trendy in­frared beauty sa­lons are shut for now, you can go down the celebrity route and in­stall your own sauna at home. Jen has a Sunlighten sys­tem, as does Paris Hil­ton and even Lady Gaga, who uses it to treat the pain of fi­bromyal­gia.

You don’t have to live in a man­sion to find space for one ei­ther, as I dis­cov­ered when I tested out Sunlighten’s por­ta­ble Solo Sys­tem. It looks alarm­ingly like an MRI scan­ner and al­though it’s hardly pe­tite, I did man­age to cram it into a cor­ner of the bed­room.

It took about 10 min­utes to heat up, be­fore I slid my­self into the tube. It felt warm but not un­com­fort­able. It was like step­ping out of a plane into hol­i­day air. Sob!

I don’t think I’m a par­tic­u­larly sweaty per­son, but this ma­chine found more pores than I knew ex­isted and turned each tiny tap on full blast. It was dis­gust­ing, yet weirdly sat­is­fy­ing and calm­ing. By the end of the 30 minute ses­sion, I felt cleansed, phys­i­cally and emo­tion­ally. Just one icky note, I’d rec­om­mend putting a water­proof sheet un­der your towel to avoid soak­ing the pad you lie on.

I’ve loved us­ing this sauna. I’ve not lost weight but my jeans still fit which is a mir­a­cle con­sid­er­ing my cake and booze in­take, and it’s fab­u­lous to shut my eyes, re­lax and en­joy a bit of me-time. SUNLIGHTEN SOLO SYS­TEM FROM £2,800 AT SUNLIGHTEN­SAUNAS.CO.UK.

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