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Iwas very sad to hear that Prince Philip has passed away. After 73 years of marriage it must be incredibly difficult for the Queen to lose the person who has constantly been by her side for the majority of her life.

I can only hope that due to the pandemic the Queen was able to spend quality time with Prince Phillip in his final weeks. My condolence­s are with the whole family. Last week, before he lost his grandfathe­r, it was great to hear the Duke of Cambridge praising the NHS. He said it’s “probably the most admired organisati­on” after the response to the pandemic, and while I am biased, I have to say I agree!

I feel really proud of working for the NHS and it’s something I love about being a doctor. I see first-hand the amazing work done by NHS staff on a daily basis, some of it behind the scenes.

I think clinical staff, such as doctors, nurses, physiother­apists and paramedics, are the people who are immediatel­y thought of when people think of the NHS, but there are so many other profession­s – including maintenanc­e staff and cleaners, who have put themselves at risk every day through the pandemic. It is nice to know our work is being appreciate­d.

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