How to... use VR to de­sign

The de­sign team at Galileo Wa­ter­mark has been us­ing vir­tual re­al­ity to help bring its prod­uct in­no­va­tions to life. Ali Atkin­son, cre­ative di­rec­tor, ex­plains how

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Un­Der­stanD tHe tecH

Galileo Wa­ter­mark has been ex­plor­ing the uses of VR in avi­a­tion for sev­eral years. The op­por­tu­ni­ties are huge. A few years ago we in­tro­duced VR into the tra­di­tional kids' kits and more re­cently we've seen that a VR ex­pe­ri­ence can re­ally help the de­sign process.

iDen­tiFY tHe Ben­e­Fits

VR al­lows the user to sit in a vir­tual cabin and in­ter­act with ob­jects and the en­vi­ron­ment around them. We want our cus­tomers to know that our prod­ucts will look and feel right in their cabin en­vi­ron­ment. VR en­ables them to in­ter­act with the prod­ucts vir­tu­ally and give im­me­di­ate feed­back. We can make de­sign changes (of­ten in real time), speed­ing up the process and en­sur­ing our first phys­i­cal pro­to­type is close to 99% ap­proved. We've de­signed VR cabin in­te­ri­ors too and have found sub­stan­tial cost sav­ings.

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Our clients loved the VR ex­pe­ri­ence we show­cased at WTCE and could im­me­di­ately see the ben­e­fits. We are now bring­ing our VR ca­pa­bil­i­ties into sev­eral projects, pri­mar­ily those with a tight lead-time. We have also been asked to gen­er­ate cabin in­te­rior de­signs – which is a great use of the tech­nol­ogy.

tHinK aHeaD

We al­ready in­cor­po­rate VR into our de­sign process but as our cus­tomers be­come more fa­mil­iar with the tech­nol­ogy, we be­lieve the use of VR will be­come stan­dard prac­tice. We have been us­ing AR (Aug­mented Re­al­ity) for the last three years - al­low­ing cus­tomers to see our prod­ucts in their fi­nal en­vi­ron­ment through the screen of a smart de­vice. VR is the evo­lu­tion of this and will give the user a ful­ly­im­mer­sive ex­pe­ri­ence whilst in­ter­act­ing with on­board prod­ucts.

Get cre­ative

There are end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties for this tech­nol­ogy! We are work­ing on VR ex­pe­ri­ences that will let clients show off new cabin de­signs and prod­ucts as a mar­ket­ing tool and we are also in­ves­ti­gat­ing ways to bring VR in­flight, let­ting pas­sen­gers ex­plore their next des­ti­na­tion, nav­i­gate through air­ports and lounges, climb moun­tains, sail the ocean or go into space! As the tech­nol­ogy pro­gresses, VR sys­tems will be­come smaller, more pow­er­ful and see a higher level of in­ter­ac­tiv­ity.

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