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Bloodbath murder victim’s brother jailed after stun gun find

Cops discover deadly shock weapon after street brawl

- Chris Taylor

The brother of a bloodbath murder victim has been caged after he was caught with a stun gun.

Christophe­r Burgess, 29, had the deadly Cobra shocker during a street brawl.

Experts found his DNA on it after he ditched it under a tracksuit during the rammy.

Burgess was jailed for more than three years after he admitted possessing the weapon at Paisley Sheriff Court.

Defence lawyer Paul Lynch insisted his client had no memory of the row and had turned to drink after his brother’s murder a decade ago.

He said: “He was found by police lying in the street. “He was covered in blood. “He was taken from hospital to the police office.

“His first recollecti­on is being in custody the following day.

“He seems to be blocking out memories of his past with alcohol.

“On released from custody, he would be willing to attend addiction services.”

Burgess was lifted after cops found him bloodied in Alice Street.

Onlookers raised the alarm when men started scrapping.

The stun gun was found hidden under a tracksuit top at the roadside.

Forensics officers recovered the weapon and found his DNA.

They also linked him to the pouch it came in.

Prosecutor Kevin Doherty earlier told how Burgess was discovered badly injured around 8.45pm on February 16.

He said: “Police attended after receiving reports of a disturbanc­e resulting in injuries to a number of persons.

“Christophe­r Burgess was one of the people injured.

“Officers spoke to him and during the course of the interview it was apparent various items were nearby. Some of these items were bloodstain­ed – including a tracksuit top.

“Underneath the tracksuit top, officers found a stun gun.”

Police scoured CCTV and uncovered footage of Burgess wearing the jacket.

He was taken to the Royal Alexandra Hospital, but assaulted an officer and kicked him on the head.

Cops had to restrain him after he turned “volatile” and “aggressive” at A&E.

Paisley was rocked by the horrific murder of Burgess’ brother Scott, 24, in 2007.

Evil Stephen Price knifed him 80 times in his own Glenn Street flat.

He then posed laughing beside his victim’s body with the blade for mobile phone snaps.

Burgess discovered his body and says he has been traumatise­d by the slaying.

Sheriff David Pender was told he had racked up a slew of conviction­s – including five last year.

He said: “In view of your record of offending, the only sentence available to the court is one of imprisonme­nt.

“Since you are clearly a multiple offender, I intend to impose a supervised release.”

Burgess, of Fairway Avenue, Glenburn, was jailed for 39 months.

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