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Owner of window blinds company busted by cops


The owner of a window blinds company who flogged drugs on the side was rumbled after being caught by cops with £30,000 worth of high-purity cocaine and almost £2,400 in cash.

Drug dealer Paul Duffy, 31, the owner of Perfect Window Blinds in Johnstone, was pulled over at the wheel of his black Range Rover following a tip-off to police.

Paisley Sheriff Court heard Duffy was spotted leaving his business premises in Macdowall Street by officers when they decided to stop his motor and carry out a search on the morning of January 13 last year.

Procurator fiscal depute David McDonald told the court Duffy, who was driving solo in the vehicle, had been flagged up to cops by recent intelligen­ce that he was involved in dealing drugs.

He said: “Police officers effected a stop on the vehicle and approached the driver’s window and showed Duffy their warrant cards.

“They informed him he was being stopped for

the purposes of a search under Section 23 of the Misuse of Drugs Act.

“He exited the vehicle and officers discovered he had £ 2,390 in mixed denominati­on banknotes in his left jacket pocket and his left trouser pocket.

“He said he was heading to his home address, further up the street.

“His vehicle was then subject to a search by officers, who recovered a white rocklike substance contained in a plastic bag.

“A quantity of white powder contained in a plastic bag was also recovered.”

Duffy was told he was under arrest, and made no reply to the cops.

The prosecutor explained that the items seized were sent away for analysis in the police lab, where they tested positive for cocaine.

Mr McDonald added: “The Statement of Opinion unit (STOP) confirmed the rock seized was described as ‘Prop or proper’, that is cocaine of a high purity which sells for £120 a gram.

“The rock weighed 245.88 grams, described as a quarter kilo, and contained cocaine with a purity of 75 per cent or above, which if sold on for commercial supply would net between £25,000 and £29,000.

“The bag contained 54.3 grams of cocaine, with a purity of not more than ten per cent.

“This is described as ‘cooncil’ by the STOP unit and it would net between £1,080 and £2,160 if sold on for commercial supply in gram deals.”

The court heard Duffy, of Johnstone, pleaded guilty to possessing the Class-A drug with the intention of supplying it to others.

His defence agent asked for bail to be continued so that he could put his affairs in order before being brought back to court for sentencing.

He said: “He is the owner of a business and has four employees.

“He would seek time to make arrangemen­ts if a custodial sentence were to be imposed.”

Sheriff Colin Pettigrew deferred sentencing him to call for background reports.

But he warned him he will be jailed when he returns to court.

He said: “There is no doubt in my mind that you will be facing a custodial sentence on the next occasion.”

Duffy will discover his fate when he appears at court on May 18.

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